Ian Somerhalder’s Unattractive Photo Makes Us Thankful He’s Not Christian Grey (PHOTO)

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ian somerhalderFor those of you upset that Charlie Hunnam will be playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey as opposed to Ian Somerhalder, I have something that may assuage some of your pain: Look at this wretched, god-awful photo Ian just posted to his Instagram. Disgusting, right? The way those piercing blue eyes cut through you like a knife? The 5 o'clock shadow? The way he's ... biting ... his ... lower lip ... as if to say, "Yeah, I'm looking at you. And I like what I see." Ew! So gross! Soooo glad this ugo isn't going to be crapping up the movie. Who could possibly sit in a dark theater and stare at this face for two hours straight? No thanks.

I'm kidding, of course. This is an incredibly sexual photo of Ian. In fact, it's almost as if he's dangling his hotness in front of Fifty Shades fans' faces, saying, "Oh, I'm not going to be Christian? Ha ha hoooo, well, put this in your pipe and toke it."

In all seriousness, guys, although we're all still not over the fact that Ian won't be our Mr. Grey, I think somehow we'll all learn to make do with Charlie as Christian. It won't be easy, but we'll soldier through it. I know we can.

charlie hunnam

But Ian? This was just mean. You knew exactly what you were doing, you naughty boy.

Who did you want to play Christian Grey in the movie? Are you unhappy with the casting?


Image via Ian Somerhalder/Instagram

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nonmember avatar ellen

That man is beyond gorgeous, and a fantastic actor and a wonderful man, he is the whole package.

nonmember avatar Krisy

I still think Ian is Christian material and that picture of him is not disgusting. Charlie is okay but I realy do not agree with the casting.

Lisa Havalotti Deeter

i wanted ian....... i am ok with charlie sigh but hate who they have for ana really hate


nonmember avatar Shannon

I'm upset I am not playing Anastasia Steele!!

Eloise Bowen Carlson

Would have been happy with Robert Pattinson...Ian would have also been a great choice. Wish they would have chosen a better Ana though..

Jacquie van Mourik

I still REALLY wish that Ian was playing CG, and that picture he posted? MEAN!!!! I mean, really....teasing us that way! Anyway...I think Charlie will be fine...it's Dakota I have a real problem with! She's NOT Ana material...she's just not petite, curvy, etc....Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see when the movie comes out!

Lisa Reese

Matt Bomer!

Erin Showalter Armontrout

The books are so poorly written and boring. The ONLY reason I would have watched the movie would be to see Ian in sexual situations.

Barbara Edders Saltzman

I wanted Ian and I am not ok with Charlie, or who is going to play Ana. She is old looking and looks like she has been threw the wrinker. Blah, think I may have too pass on the movie.

Ronita Fultz

OK now that I have wiped my keyboard off I really would Ian to get the part.  His demeanor , looks, height, well everything about him just screams "You are mine",      Love Charlie to death.  Sure hope he doesn't disappoint us...  yes and dump Dakota PLEASE.   She's not even pretty.....

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