'DWTS' Recap: Snooki Isn't the Woman We Thought She Was

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Snooki & Sasha FarberOMG! Dancing With the Stars season 17 just keeps getting better and better every week. I gotta say, this is some of the stiffest competition the show has ever seen.

The pros definitely seemed to kick things up a notch this week and pushed their partners to the limit. While Brant Daugherty, Leah Remini, Elizabeth Berkley, and Christina Milian were very impressive this evening, by far the best dance of the night for me was Snooki and Sasha's quick step.

Damn. Can you believe that one-handed cartwheel? Snooki is a ballsy girl, but that was a risky move even for her -- and she totally nailed it.

More From Our Partners: Check Out Snooki's One-Handed Cartwheel!

When this show started, did you really think she'd take the competition so seriously? It's like she's a completely different person than the feisty meatball we all knew and loved on Jersey Shore -- but that's definitely a good thing. She's smart. And sassy. And sexy. And as the weeks go on, Snooki is also proving herself to be an awesome dancer. (Who knew?!?)

But despite all of the amazing performances so far, someone had to go home tonight, and it's not shocking at all that this was the end of the road for Bill Nye. Sure, he's adorable. But he's a "Science Guy," not a ballroom dancer.

What was your favorite dance tonight, and are you surprised that Bill went home?


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nonmember avatar Deziree

Really want to watch the show but i sleep so early .-. i want to see snooki dance !(:

ashth... ashthecat

Snooki is a former cheerleader. So I'm not really that surprised that she's a good dancer.

Kate Cooley

Yay, she can dance. Can someone get her to stop being an orange blight on humanity now?

jessi... jessicasmom1

hahah People she is only dancing

hexxuss hexxuss

If you miss out - they post them all on youtube!! I've loved what I've seen & not shocked that Bill went home - even though he looked like he was having a BLAST! (poor guy)

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