'Diana' Movie Poster Hung at Site of Her Death Is a Shameful Publicity Stunt

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Diana movie posterI'll be honest: The first time I saw the movie poster for Diana, the film about Princess Diana's life starring Naomi Watts, I thought it was the real deal staring back at me. At first glance, Watts looks exactly like the late princess in that blue dress. Which is why the recent news about where they've posted the Diana movie posters in Paris is particularly disturbing. According to Daily Mail, the new Diana film posters are placed exactly where the princess died 16 years ago. As in, it looks like a haunting REAL Diana is staring back upon the place where she passed.

It's despicable, to say the least. So despicable that one of her closest friends Rosa Monckton told the website that the placement of the poster is a "cynical and shameless attempt to publicize a film that should never have been made."

Eeeesh. Well, I'm for the film. But I couldn't agree with Monckton more about the placement.

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It's distasteful, to say the least. The Diana poster literally overlooks the wall above the tunnel where messages lay commemorating the late princess.

Do I think it's a PR stunt? Of course I do. I think that someone wanted people to talk about the upcoming film and that's why this movie poster is where it is. But people need to have some respect. And besides, doesn't this feel a bit dangerous to anyone else? If I were driving by and saw that poster in that location, my mind certainly wouldn't be on driving any longer.

What do you think? Is this tasteless?


Image via Ecosse Films

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Carol Williamson

I think it is very distasteful! No one will ever replace Lady Di!

Tammy Skawinski

Nobody could ever replace her beautiful soul! Try as they may, she was one of a kind and could never be replaced or portrayed b anyone else!

Tammy Skawinski

Excuse my typo " portrayed by anyone else"

Lesley Summers

Should not be placed in such a private place
Highly disrespectful to all family concerned

Michele Noon

I think they should quit making movies of Diana and let her rest in peace. her family does not need to be reminded, let them live with their own memories.

Andrea King

Having visited the 'Pont'd Alma' i think it is cheap and nasty.. publicity... Diana's Name.. Used for Profit, The Film Distributors Should give any profits to Diana's Still thriving Memorial Charity... William and Kate will certainly be Upset...

Bonnie Myers Jablonski

Naomi looks NOTHING like the great Princess Diana. I don't even know why they would say that.

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