Robert Pattinson Spotted Hanging Out With Kristen Stewart's Friend

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Robert PattinsonHuh. Well that's a little bit odd. Robert Pattinson attended the XX concert in L.A. with a few friends, one of whom just happens to be Sydney Lopez, a member of Kristen Stewart's styling team. (Holy awkward.)

The concert was held at the Hollywood Bowl last night, and thanks to good old social media, Rob's presence at the show quickly spread like wild fire on Twitter. Now everyone knows that he went to a concert with one of KStew's peeps.

Gah. Talk about a slap in the face.

I know that they hung around in the same circles for quite some time, but still. I'd be a little bit pissed off if I were Kristen to hear that my ex was still chummy with people who are supposed to be loyal to me.

And this isn't just anyone -- it's one of the chicks who helps dress KStew, so she knows her, like, intimately. But then again, so does Rob, so maybe he and Sydney cancel each other out as far as Kristen is concerned or something. (Not really, but whatever.)

But seriously, think about it for a second. Can you imagine how you'd feel if you were Kristen and heard about your ex-boyfriend and one of your gal pals hanging out and being all buddy-buddy? She probably wonders whether or not her name popped into the conversation at any point during the night, which really isn't cool.

Unless Rob and Sydney were super good friends while he was dating Kristen, the two of them going out in public together really isn't fair to Kristen -- though I'm not sure which angle the whole thing hurts worse from. I mean, what cuts deeper -- your ex palling around with your friends or your friends being totally cool with your ex? (Yeah, you're right. Probably the friend side of it.)

Man. Between this news and Rob's new romance with Dylan Penn, KStew really can't seem to catch a break these days. What's next -- Rob going out to dinner with her mom?!?

Do you think it's strange that Rob and Sydney are friends?


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Linda Kimpton Murrell

so its you can't be his friend if your mine come on get a life leave them alone, friends are friends they should'nt have to pick sides 

echoi... echoishername

I don't feel bad for her at all. He wasn't sleeping with her, center stage, they were hanging out.

nonmember avatar You never know

Of course, it could be staring you in the face: maybe Kristen and Rob are either still good friends, or NEVER BROKE UP! We have no idea what is going on in their personal lives - it is just as hypocritical to say that "they hate each other" as it is to believe that they are together. Either way, WE don't know, THEY do - and THEY aren't talking. How about we just concentrate on their professional lives, and let their personal lives sort itself out?

Ileana Eva

If you are infatuared with Robert Pattinson that is fine, but do not place news about him on my like page for Kristen, he is a piece of scum and a male whore.

nonmember avatar Hilary

Well said Ileana - couldnt have said it better!

nonmember avatar liz

I totally agree...... Robert Pattinison is a man whore. If it wasn't for twilight he would be a nobody. I have been viewing their pictures. I barely saw him holding her hand. Its almost like this relationship was one sided. I am not saying what Kristen has done is OK, but I thought they made a great looking couple. As far as I am concerned they are better off. Who knows Rob may have cheated as well. In the Twilight series u could feel the chemistry. Rob u r an ASS and man whore.

nonmember avatar MANDI

so if he hangs out with a male friend doe sthis mean he is gay,,, lets face it he has been made out to be a bit of whore lately,,, no matter who he is seen with he is made out to be going out with them,,,, flipping heck glad we have not seen him walking the dogs lately,,, who knows what rumours that would start...

Aitch... AitchCeeS

Nope it's not weird in the slightest.  They probably weren't even hanging that tightly together, but just in the same group or in the same proximity as each other.

Zea Mays

sooo? Kristen is not a head of mafia, she and roberts are in a relationship for quite some time. It's weird if because they are broke up, Robert must lost all friends that he knew, Kristen will be open minded about that

nonmember avatar Jayelynne

Seriously, the first tweets to come out stated he was at the concert with Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, nothing was mentioned about the "friend" till came out with it, and yet here everyone is only mentioning the Kristen Stewart attachment to someone that he knows as if it has meaning. How utterly ridiculous. And so what? They cannot know the same people and have their own friendships with each other that have nothing at all to do with her? Why should he give up friendships he formed because she was stupid enough to throw his away? What does the world want Robert Pattinson do, crawl under a rock and never leave his house because she knows and is friends with everyone on the planet? Trust me, I hardly think that girl could maintain a long term friendship with anyone for as long as the media wants to believe that she can. What are we in here, kindergarten?

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