Robert Pattinson's 'Meet the Parents' Talk With Sean Penn Was No Joke

robert pattinsonWhen news broke that Robert Pattinson might be hooking up with Dylan Penn, daughter of Sean and Robin (Wright, formerly Wright Penn), it didn't really seem like anything to take THAT seriously. After all, RPattz was also supposedly seeing Riley Keough, and possibly his trainer, perhaps some mystery chick, and who knows who else! But the latest development, according to UK publication Metro, seems to make a serious case that the two are already an item. ("Roblyn," anyone?)

Apparently, Sean Penn chatted with Rob and made it clear how he feels about the actor spending time with his 22-year-old daughter.


A source elaborated to The Sun, "Rob and Dylan get on well and really fancy one another. It's obvious Dylan is smitten. But Sean had a chat with Rob recently. Sean knows what it’s like to be a young, successful actor and the beautiful women that come with it. He gave his piece about not getting too heavy with his daughter if he’s playing the field, as he doesn’t want to see her hurt."

Aww! While Sean has quite the reputation for requiring extra support in the anger management department, and I'd usually fear he'd take a chit-chat with his daughter's beau one -- or several -- steps too far, this is actually kinda sweet ... I get the feeling that if this dihappen as reported, a) Sean probably wasn't a total jerk with Rob. After all, he probably sees a little (or a lot) of himself in Rob, having been a hot young movie star in Hollywood in the '80s. And b) Roblyn must be happening, because why else would Sean feel it necessary to talk to Rob, and vice-versa?

As for Sean's supposed fears ... Eh, I feel like Rob isn't at all the "bad boy" Sean was and, with Kristen, proved he's capable of being in the spotlight and a committed relationship at the same time. Uh oh. Speaking of which, how much you wanna bet we're sure to hear new rumors about Kristen Stewart being devastated by Rob's increasingly serious romance with Dylan any minute now!?

Do you believe Sean and Rob chatted? Do you think Dylan is bound to be his next gf or he would prefer to play the field post-KStew?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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