Kristen Stewart Is Getting Over Robert Pattinson in a Really Beautiful Place

kristen stewartWhile Robert Pattinson is off cavorting with Dylan Penn, Kristen Stewart is off finding herself. In Switzerland, to be exact. The supposedly heartsick actress has reportedly been taking some time to tool around Switzerland while she has a break from shooting a movie in Germany. She's been spotted at a yodeling lesson, and then at the Swiss Miss factory, where she was photographed leaving with a commemorative t-shirt and a case of hot chocolate. Just kidding.

No, but she really is in Switzerland, and it's a damn good thing.


This is exactly what Kristen needs right now -- alone time. She needs to figure out what she wants in life without a million and one people in her face, telling her what's best for her. She needs to be by herself. The worst thing she could possibly do right now would be to jump into a relationship with some random dude just because Rob is with someone else. We all know how those relationships end.

It's been reported that Kristen is pretty banged up about the fact that Rob's moved on, so I think it's incredibly mature of her to go the "I'm going to find myself" route. It'd be incredibly easy for her to engage in some sort of reckless behavior right now that would temporarily mask the pain, but in the end, make things even worse.

It's going to be okay, Kristy. Promise. You and Rob may not ever get back together, but hey, you can't put a price on all the cool photos you're going to get of the Swiss Alps. Bring us back some Evian!

What do you think of this?


Image via babywelcome/Flickr

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