All of Farrah Abraham's Plastic Surgery Secrets May Be Revealed at Last

farrah abraham My dreams are haunted by Farrah Abraham. Each night as I snuggle down into my pillow, dreams of Mads Mikkelsen dancing through my head, she busts through my reveries to tell me about the weird stuff she's been up to lately. "Becca," she says, "I'm opening a restaurant." I try to ignore her, but it doesn't work. "Becca," she says, "that wasn't a sex tape everyone is talking about, it was a 'private love-making session.'" Inevitably, I give in, wake up, and stare at the wall trying to passively recharge my body like a robot or Dustbuster. 

What is Farrah doing now? Apparently, Farrah will be making an appearance on The Doctors on CBS. She's not the only Teen Mom gracing the screen with her presence. Maci Bookout has also signed on. My guess is the episode is going to be very teen pregnancy focused (because I am cunning like a fox). But the rumor mill suggests that Farrah might dish on her cosmetic procedures


Farrah hasn't exactly kept her extensive plastic surgery under wraps. She's been happy to flaunt her new boobs, her new nose, and her new chin. While I think it's totally an individual choice to go ahead and tweak the way you look, I also believe it is my individual choice to quietly wonder if all those procedures were the best idea. I've got my own running tally of other surgeries I suspect Farrah has undergone. Maybe she'll use this appearance to confirm them. Has she had toe-webbing removed? Her hump-back altered? The screaming face of Lord Voldemort excised from her forehead? INQUIRING MINDS, Y'ALL. 

Farrah has always maintained that she got the work done in the name of boosting her self-confidence. If you decide your entire body needs a re-haul just so you can walk out the door happy to be you -- a little work on the inside stuff might help. Of course I could also just be jealous that my backdoor is not stunning enough to have elicited requests for it to appear on-screen opposite porn stars. 

Do you think Farrah will talk about her plastic surgery?


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