6 Reasons '50 Shades' Fan Backlash Won't Stop Charlie Hunnam From Playing Christian

charlie hunnamFan backlash to Fifty Shades of Grey casting still seems to be making headlines. (I'd guess because there's not much else to report about the film so far!) With over 70,000 signatures appearing on a petition to replace Charlie Hunnam with Matt Bomer, gossipmongers are now claiming the official leading man may be having second thoughts ... and could even be considering quitting the film. 

Pfft! I highly doubt that there's any truth to these reports, given the evidence at hand! Here, six reasons we're nearly positive Charlie Hunnam is here to stay as our one and only Christian Grey ...

  1. His chemistry with Dakota - Not only did Charlie himself say that he had "tangible" chemistry with his leading lady, but that's one of the big factors producers were looking for from their Christian and Ana. No way they're going to let Charlie walk away and try to seek out a new guy who has the same sparks with Dakota -- or test Matt Bomer to see if he does. 
  2. His post-TV career - Sources have reportedly said that Charlie has aspirations of being a go-to leading man and doing more films after Sons of Anarchy. Well, this is his big (maybe only) chance.
  3. His big break in general - Aside from just having a successful next chapter of his career, this could make and perhaps already has made Charlie Hunnam a household name.
  4. Ben Affleck - Did fan backlash cause Ben to walk away from Batman vs. Superman? No. Would Charlie look ridiculous if he proved he can't take as much heat as Ben? Yes.
  5. Team Hunnam - Plenty of fans have already gotten on-board with Charlie as Christian. He wouldn't want to let those of us who fall into that category down, right?
  6. Fan backlash means ... nada - We saw the same exact thing happen pre-Twilight with Robert Pattinson. This is just par for the course that Charlie likely already has blown off.

Do you buy these rumors that Charlie's considering walking?

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