Khloe Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Shows How Much Pain She’s Going Through

khloe kardashianThe last few months have been filled with heartache for Khloe Kardashian. She has been dogged by reports of husband Lamar Odom's cheating (with more than one woman) and crack binges. Even the strongest marriages couldn't survive a nightmare like that. What's worse, she has gone through his misery with the world rabidly watching every single second of it. Well, Khloe let us all know what we can expect from her as this drama continues to unfold. In her most revealing and poignant Instagram post to date, she shared this ...


Those eight simple words tell it all. This was probably the best response Khloe could have ever given at this point. She won’t explain what happened to the world because she probably can’t even explain it to herself. No one gets married thinking that one day the romance will crash and burn in a haze of seedy headlines. Sure, she tied the knot with Lamar after only dating 30 days. Most people didn't think it would last four months, much less four years. For a period of time, she seemed to be the Kardashian sister with the fairy tale romance -- sweet guy, totally in love, etc.

We are understandably intrigued by her imploding marriage. After all, they have given us front row seats to their lives. But even she finally acknowledges that some things aren’t for the cameras. Now she needs to figure out what went wrong and come to terms with it in her own time. That could mean going through a divorce or trying to piece their marriage back together. However this ends, I hope she finds the answers she is looking for.

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