New 'RHONJ' Star Would Bring a Most Unexpected Blast From the Past

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real housewivesA few days after news broke that Caroline Manzo would be leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the name of her replacement has already popped up. It's a face we are all familiar with and not everyone will be happy with the choice. But in the world of the Real Housewives, that's a good thing because it guarantees some drama.

According to In Touch Weekly, Dina Manzo will be returning to the cast. That would be the same Dina Manzo that quit the cast in season 2. As her sister exits to focus on the spinoff Manzo'd With Children, word is she wants to come back. To say the timing is interesting is an understatement. The two siblings have been at war for years, barely speaking to each other. Now Dina can return without having to worry about any uncomfortable run-ins. Plus, her life has changed a lot since she was last trailed by Bravo cameras. She is reportedly now separated from her husband.

Still, her decision to rejoin the fray is perplexing. She originally left the show because of all the toxic drama. Though it’s not like that has changed. However, it’s good news for Teresa Giudice. Dina is the only one that has always backed the table-flipping star.

While I think Dina will be interesting -- she's not one to hide her dislike for someone or hold her tongue -- I have to wonder if this is really the best decision for the show. Isn't it time for some new blood. The New Jersey cast will be going into the sixth season and it seems like the same old drama keeps getting rehashed. It would be much more interesting to shake things up a bit.

Do you think Dina will be good for the show?


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real housewives


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linzemae linzemae

I love dina. The first season was so much better than the rest

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Oh Geeze the whiner is returning, Get ready for melt downs and tears

nonmember avatar joann

Dina is boring. She's probably back on the show because Caroline is leaving. A spiteful move on her part (in my opinion). Where is the love?? And Caroline's new show?? Manzo'd with children?? She doesn't have children anymore they're ADULTS!! I'm a typical Italian mom also, but Mama Mia!! Caroline let go of the apron strings, PLEASE!! They'll be just fine without you. It's hard I know but my Sons are just fine and wonderful young productive men. Give them a break...

nonmember avatar Niki

Good call!!

Marietta Kenney

oh wonderful. she needs money again cause her soon to be ex got sick of her stuck upness. i wont be watching with Caroline gone. not that i watched it to much cause i had the trash on these shows

Donna Liesch

Anyone will be better then Caroline!

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Oh god come on. New Jersey needs to get new cast members already. How many seasons can they keep this going. I think they stretched their limits already.

Bonnie Jean Barry

Caroline should stay and her and Dina should have it out. Now that would be a season I would watch... Dina getting her's.

Susan Frye

Dina is a great choice.

Marie L. Moody

If Dina is divorced, how can she call herself a "Housewife"?  My only question!


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