Joe & Teresa Giudice Break Silence & Make One Thing Abundantly Clear

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joe and teresa giudiceTeresa and Joe Giudice have been incredibly (surprisingly -- burn!) quiet since news of their indictments broke. If the duo is found guilty of the various fraud charges being lobbed their way, they could each face up to 50 years in prison. Mama mia, indeed. 

The couple finally decided to "break their silence" and speak with their supreme overlord, Bravo's Andy Cohen, on a very special installment of Watch What Happens Live. I wasn't sure what to expect when I tuned in, so naturally anything that happened could be described as a surprise. Still, some of the gems that fell from Teresa and Joe's mouths had me agog. 

If you were in danger of being sent off to Shawshank to hang out with Morgan Freeman for a while, you'd want to understand why, exactly, you were being brought to court, right? Though both Joe and Teresa told Andy that they'd known the charges were coming for a while, Teresa was still completely clueless about what she was being accused of. "Some of the charges I understand, some I don't." To be fair, it was a little heartbreaking -- because I believed her! 

Though wary of giving up any info that might jeopardize their case, Joe was willing to say that he firmly believes he and Teresa had not lived beyond their means at any point. While Teresa sheepishly admitted that she regretted the way she'd been portrayed in season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey now, Joe seemed to have no problem with the idea that the couple couldn't wear the same outfit twice since they're TV stars. 

Both Giudices got emotional at the prospect of how all of this is impacting their children. That didn't stop Joe from getting huffy and defensive when Andy brought up the subject of his citizenship. Joe got angry, and then intimated that he and Teresa were only ever charged because they'd appeared on the show. Because, you know, that is a thing which is logical.

I don't think the Giudices are bad people. The interview reinforced nothing so much as their general cluelessness. I think they're bunglers and I hope for their sake they avoid prison. Because Joe is definitely too pretty for jail.

What did you think of Joe and Teresa's interview last night?


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ohnos... ohnoshedidnt443

a whole lot of BLHA, BLHA, BLHA about nothing. Why even have the special showing ... nothing was said. They are brainless and deserve what they get. Thinking they are above all others.

Norma Starnes Sawyer

I just hope they don't go to prison for the sake of their kids!

nonmember avatar susan

Pretty funny that they've
'never lived beyond their means'...wasn't the REASON for bankruptcy that they'd spent more than they could pay for and were asking the judge to discharge their debts?

Marilynne Dwire

Stupid "interview" but then, what is going on at Bravo? The repeats are crazy. I do however, recall an episode  a few seasons back, in which the Guidice's are at an attorney's office and Tre is overjoyed that the money woes were put on Joe. It seemed like they were implying that he would take the hit.
No bankrupty should absolve that kind of debt, and their's didn't. But to not even file tax returns?? idiot.


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