Amanda Bynes' Rehab Stint Could Be the Worst Thing for Her

amanda bynesHey, guess what? Amanda Bynes: Not doing so great. Yeah, I know, shock of the century ... but seriously, she's not, and I really don't think it's her fault this time. (Maybe it never really was, but more on that in a minute.) See, Bynes has reportedly left the UCLA Medical Center where she was getting treatment for severe mental illness (possibly schizophrenia) and is now staying at posh Malibu rehab facility The Canyon, which is apparently a favorite of stars with addiction problems but does NOT have the same top-of-the-line psychiatric facility as UCLA.

Consequently (probably), Bynes is said to be in a "desperate state," not interacting with anyone around her and deeply paranoid about being found by paparazzi. So the big question is: Why is Bynes in rehab instead of the hospital, especially when she's been placed by doctors under a new psychiatric hold? 


Called an LPS hold, it's a measure medical professionals can take to legally keep mentally unstable people in a facility against their will for treatment. Mentally unstable. And that's where the big difference between Amanda Bynes and, say, Lindsay Lohan lies: In spite of Bynes' multiple DUIs and bong-throwing tendencies, addiction has never been her main problem. While LiLo's rehab stint seems to have done wonders for her thus far, it seems doubtful that Bynes will reap the same sort of benefits. So why put her in rehab at all? Is it related to the rampant stigma associated with mental illness, perhaps? Do Bynes' reps think it sounds/looks better to say she's getting treatment for addiction issues when she's really battling a major psychiatric disease? 

Hopefully Bynes will recover no matter where she's staying, and of course no one really knows the specifics of her condition at this point. But it certainly seems as though her mental illness issues are being downplayed at this point, and that does a major disservice not only to Bynes, but to the millions of other Americans suffering from similar diseases. 

Do you think Amanda Bynes would be better off in a psychiatric hospital than rehab?


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