Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Day Photo Isn't What We Were Hoping For


Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciLike most Bachelor fans, I freaked out just a little bit after noticing that Sean Lowe tweeted out a photo with the caption, "Wedding day!" I figured maybe he and Catherine Giudici had eloped and kicked their planned fancy TV wedding to the curb.

But of course, Sean's post was nothing more than a sneaky tease. He was simply sharing a picture of him and Catherine attending someone else's wedding -- though I have to say they look all sorts of adorable in this shot.

And it must have been a pretty fun night, given what appears to be the open bar behind them. (Free booze is as good as it gets.)

Ugh. Sean's bait obviously worked -- but don't you think these two need to hurry up and high tail it to their own wedding already?!?

They've been going strong for almost a year now. They have survived living in L.A., being a high profile couple who the media is constantly trying to tear down, and a move to Sean's hometown of Dallas. Odds are good that they're going to stay together for the long haul.

So many of us want to see them get married, live happily ever after, and join the very small club of Bachelor/Bachelorette success stories to prove once and for all that sometimes the whole finding love on TV thing can work.

And duh -- of course we're excited about having the pleasure of watching their wedding from the comfort of our own living rooms (even though it would be kind of romantic and sweet if they decided to elope or do a smaller, private ceremony).

Alright Sean and Catherine -- cool it with the teasing and let's get this show on the road already. 

Are you excited for Sean and Catherine's TV wedding?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jag

I just wish they would get married & get it
over with. Or does Sean think he would no
longer get all the attention. I hope he loves Catherine as much as the limelight.

Jennifer Broy Cole

yes cannot wait for Sean and Catherine to have their wedding on TV and for them to live happily with kids of course! they look so good together I bet they will have beautiful and handsome children!

Trina Howell

Yes I can't wait for them to get married I hope they do it on tv though

Kristina Kirschbaum Roach

Looking forward to their wedding!  Thank you for a positive post...


Melanie Ackerman

I can't wait until they get married it will be a day to remember I love you sean

Lyllian Rose

So disappointed in them both! They are making fools of those of us who loved them - or - may I say - who we perceived them to be!

nonmember avatar Barbara

Sean is way too mature for Catherine.

nonmember avatar St

I am not a religious fanatic, but him laying all over those woemen and sucking their brains out looks pretty sexual to me. But he still cant have intimate relations with Cat, does he even want to. It was like an X rted movie. He just wants the money, then Catherine u are gone.

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