Pippa Middleton Drops Major Hints That Wedding Bells May Soon Be Ringing

The more I learn about our girl Pippa Middleton from the sweet biweekly column she writes for The Telegraph, the more fondness I develop for her. This week I discovered that she may hit the town at night dressed in fabulous clothing, hopping from hot club to hot club on the arm of her hot stockbroker love, Nico Jackson, but the 30-year-old is totally ready for momhood. She actually enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn to check out a popular flower market in London. 

It gets even more interesting when Pippa drops a line at the end of her column teasing that she is about to take a DIY flower arrangement class. "Maybe I'll be a DIY bride?" Pippa ponders -- before immediately dropping the subject. So unfair!


Kate's younger sister, who has been dating Nico for about a year now, is said to be head over heels crazy for him. Judging by all of the recent photos of the couple -- the latest batch show them kissing and lovingly embracing in a taxi -- their bond is stronger than ever. He was one of the first people to meet Prince George at Kensington Palace after Kate and Will brought the cutie home from the hospital, which also proves the 35-year-old Deutsche Bank employee is a hit with the royal family

Although her lawyers deny an engagement has already taken place, there have even been rumors that Nico proposed to Pippa before the summer, but that they wanted to wait until after King George was born to announce the good news. Okay, guys, that was very thoughtful of you, but since the hoopla has died down a bit, now would be a great time to start showing off that ring, Pippa! 

Pippa may not give away much in her latest column -- and she admits to loving flower shows since way back in 2007 -- but something about her ardor, coupled with that teaser of a last line she writes, reminds me of how I became obsessed with different types of lace before I got married. I was having my veil handmade, which suddenly sparked an intense interest in learning the differences among Alencon, chantilly, and Brussels lace. Seems totally eccentric to me now. 

Maybe Pippa really does have flowers on the brain because she's thinking bouquets, centerpieces, and aisle decor? I predict it will be one month -- tops -- before we learn about an engagement. 

How close do you think Pippa is to being engaged? 

Image via Yohei Yamashita/Flickr

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