'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Finale Recap: Teresa Giudice FINALLY Admits She's Wrong

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teresa giudiceI didn't think we'd live to see it, but five seasons into The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice has finally admitted to wrong-doing. When Bravo teased the beginning of Melissa and Joe Gorga's encounter with Penny "You'll Cut My Hair Extensions Over My Dead Body" Drossos at the end of last week's ep, I don't think I was the only person who thought: Let me guess. This is going to end with Teresa denying any and all affiliation with this woman, and Melissa and Joe kinda, sorta brushing the whole thing off, all while still secretly hating Teresa.

Wow, was I wrong. Wow, were we wrong. (You know you thought that, too.) Teresa actually came clean.

Well, in a half-assed, Teresa-coming-clean kind of way. But still. Progress!

Because it was clearly eating away at her, and because she and her brother genuinely seemed to be in a good place, Teresa pulled Joe aside at one point to tell him that she was somewhat in cahoots with the Melissa Gorga shit talkers of the world. She admitted that, because she was blaming Melissa for the turmoil she and her brother were experiencing, it made her feel good to hear negative things about her. AKA, she was pissed at Melissa, so she was happy other people were, too. (Something we can all relate to, no?) She essentially phrased it as: "I shouldn't associate with people who are out to get my brother and sister-in-law." She didn't, like, actually admit to doing anything wrong herself; but she copped to a guilty-by-association charge. Which, for Teresa, is huge.

We can all say what we want about Teresa, but there's no denying the fact that the woman loves her brother -- a lot. Sunday's episode was the first time we saw Teresa ever give a genuine (pseudo) apology. In the past, when Tre knows she's done something wrong, she's always tried to quickly brush the issue under the table, offering some perfunctory, half-hearted make-up gesture, like a hug, which was oft followed by an uncomfy-to-watch, almost manic Teresa, who would be trying to convince herself (and the other party) that everything's perfectly fine. But not tonight. Teresa actually sought out her brother to confess her sins, and she, for the first time, seemed to mean it. And from the looks of things, that meant the world to Joe. Even he said, "This is the first time my sister has ever admitted to doing something wrong."

Is Teresa a completely changed woman? Of course not. But it's nice to know that a woman who's raising four daughters isn't as unaware as we thought she was. Here's to hoping she and Joe stay on good terms.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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Lydia Ferguson

She Will Admit  She Is Wrong When Hell Freezes Over...

Penni Stewart Frassico

I watched WWHL with Andy and I saw absolutely no indication on Teresa's part that she had done anything wrong or was aware that she had possibly done anything wrong.  I'm actually more upset at her situation having seen her on WWHL.  I know she is limited in what she is at liberty to say,,,,,but come on!!!!  So its okay to bilk the system,,,,for anybody and do whatever, to get away with whatever and its totally cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and if you get caught, play stupid.  Tired of it,,,,,,because the hard working middle class continuesto pay the cost,,,,,for Teresa, Joe, politicians and all the others.  Done.

PhyllisP PhyllisP

I wonder what s..t  Melissa stirred up about T... let's face it there is lots edited we do not see & someone has to be the target every season ... as for WWHL she was not on there to talk about the show ... people need to wait until the trial & stop making assumptions...enough T bashing !!

nonmember avatar terri

I wouldn't believe anything Teresa says. Her and her hubby are both shady people, then teaching their kids how to be shady that's a disgraceful family. They should both go to jail. Pretending like they don't have money but yet you see them spending like crazy. They think their better than anyone and most of all they act like their above the law. I'm tired of these famous people getting away with stuff. While us little people get the book thrown at us.

nonmember avatar Gretchen

I hope Teresa doesn't go to jail. She loves and backs Joe Giudice to a fault. I think it would be so sad to see her unable to continue with the upbringing of her very young daughters. I don't think jail time is the answer for Teresa. Perhaps a very hefty fine that will take years to repay, and plenty of community service. Perhaps talking to kids in high school educating them to pay their taxes and not try to dupe the system, crime doesn't pay and all that. But don't send her to jail. I think Teresa got in way over her head, and should be allowed to go free with a stern warning about if she ever tries anything remotely like what they're up for now, well then she will go to jail. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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