Mandy Moore Wants Miley Cyrus' Shaved Head Look

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mandy mooreWhen just about everyone is hating on everything Miley Cyrus is doing (twerking, tonguing, dancing with Molly), Mandy Moore is daring to say that she wants to be like her ... sort of. Moore says she'd like to shave her head.

Shaved heads are gorgeous. This has nothing to do with that but right now all I can think about is Miley Miley Miley. And while Mandy was also a child actress like Miley, Mandy managed to gracefully ease out of that role without insane antics. We all know what happens when former child stars shave their heads!


Britney Spears. Amanda Bynes. And of course Miley.

I can't picture Mandy twerking or even wearing flesh-tone skivvies shaking her booty and bending over all over for the world to see. Maybe this shaved head haircut idea is just a case of very bad timing. If we weren't hot on the heels of the Cyrus circus I wouldn't think twice.

Twenty-nine-year-old Mandy who is married to the super talented Ryan Adams reportedly said, "I've always wanted to really cut my hair, like, super, super short. I don’t think my husband would object to it! He would totally be down for that. I think he’d think it’d probably be pretty punk. I’ve always thought about shaving my head."

Too soon, Mandy. Please, don't do it.

What do you think of Mandy Moore shaving her head?


Image via Christopher Macsurak/Flickr

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-42- -42-

I guess she needed some excuse to get herself noticed......since people probably have forgotten that she exists.

D.j. Lord

translation:im a has been so ill get some pub

nonmember avatar Mark

I think she would look great with a shaved head!

proud... proudmommy690

I hope not :( I love Mandy Moore.

Michelle Morgan Reeves

She is the one former Disney star that I think has the most sense. I hope she doesn't jump on the "Let's Shave My Head for Publicity" train. She is beautiful, and I don't think she needs to resort to those antics to make people notice her. Stay sweet and normal, Mandy.... and you will be more admired than all of those other publicity hounds.

lulou lulou

Did she just have a baby - getting shorter hair, seems pretty typical after that.  Otherwise,  I just clicked on this to see if she was still married to Ryan Adams, since I like his older stuff.  Thanks for adding that in.

nonmember avatar bill

i think she would look great bald, she has a beautiful face, go for it mandy

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