Khloe Kardashian's Anniversary Tweet Sadly Says It All About Her Marriage to Lamar

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Khloe KardashianFour years sure can change a lot, and it certainly did in the case of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's marriage. Yesterday was their fourth anniversary, and despite the fact that Lamar was reportedly buying Khloe some kind of $100,000 gift to make up for everything (as if that works?!), TMZ says that the pair still spend the day apart. It's pretty telling that Lamar would try to blow Khloe away with some sort of outlandish gift but not do the one thing she really wants, which is to straighten up and get help?! Anyway, none of this kept Khloe off Twitter yesterday, where she thanked her fans for their support and also posted a cryptic but not-so-cryptic saying.

Here's the tweet:

Umm, yeah, we get it, Khloe. After all, what is there to say? What is there to say? And why should you explain?

I love this tweet, it kind of says it all without saying anything. Though if Khloe truly wanted her privacy like she says, perhaps she should try staying off Twitter altogether. But that ain't gonna happen. Khloe just looooves vague-tweeting.

However, this one just reeks of hopelessness. Sad.

Sources tell TMZ that Khloe still hasn't entirely given up on the marriage yet -- that she's "hoping for a miracle." And yesterday she also posted a photo of a black unicorn: The miracle?!!

Well, you can spend your entire life hoping for a miracle that never comes. The only miracles that normally happen are the ones people manifest for themselves. That means getting off your ass, putting down the crackpipe, escorting the latest chippy out the door, calling your wife, and then checking into rehab. Best of all, except for the rehab bill, it's all free.

Now that would be an anniversary gift!

What do you think this tweet meant?


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LilMs... LilMsSecret

I'm.sure she's just plain tired....exhausted even....I sooooo feel for her! I've been in those shoes...well,, maybe not as expensive!! Lol!!....but I've done the same walk, and the only miracle that is coming is exactly what was said...the one her husband MAKES happen. I hope she makes her own miracle and stops altogether trying to move his along. She's miserable, or had been, whatever the situation is now, celebs seem to move on much faster these days, while he is still doing exactly what he wants. Get selfish right back girl, and live UR own life, at least for now, and if homeboy wants to.join ya....he knows what to do!!! All the best!!

Noella Hewston

Green Eye Fblank stareever, get over it and move on with your life1

nonmember avatar Cassie

Khloe you owe no one an explanation as to what you are dealing with in regards to our husband' concerns. Yes we all have issues and deal with them accordingly. You have done no wrong, don't blame yourself for wht Lamar has going on, continue to push, press and most of all pray. It will all work in your favor. You are a good hearted person and willing to help anyone, it goes a long way. I will pray that you will regain your happiness for your "Lam-Lam".

nonmember avatar M. Lynn

This beautiful woman can do so much better.
Be different, get an education, become a
doctor or a lawyer. I bet Bruce Jenner
would be very pleased if one of his
daughters would do just that.

Stephanie Holcombe-Cobb

I hope and pray that everything works out for the two of them. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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