Kate Upton & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Confirm They're Dating in the Sweetest Way

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Kate Upton Maksim Chmerkovskiy

OMG, people! It looks like we can finally put the rumors to rest, because Kate Upton and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were photographed holding hands -- an act which basically confirms what we've suspected for quite some time now.

Duh, they're totally hot for each other, so there's no use in trying to keep up with the "we're just friends" bit any longer. Do friends hold hands while strolling the streets of New York City? Not usually -- which means Kate and Maks have to be an item, right?

I KNEW these two couldn't keep their hands off each other! And even though they've been denying the fact that they're together for a while, they must have finally decided they couldn't hide their feelings any longer. They went for it and held hands in the middle of broad daylight! (So romantic.)

I mean, nothing really says "yes, we're doing the dirty" like two sexy celebs with their fingers interlaced -- right out in the open where the paparazzi can snap photos of them.

And now that they've crossed the hand holding threshold, what's next? Smooching in Central Park? Making out like a couple of love-struck teenagers at a club? An engagement? Marriage? Babies?

Ok, so I might be getting a little bit carried away here. But what do you expect? Kate Upton and Maksim Chmerkovskiy appear to be a definite couple!

Time to celebrate. Who wants champagne?

Do you think Maks and Kate are good for each other?


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casti... castinghub

Congrats to them :)

nonmember avatar Ame

Congrats - gorgeous couple!!

Coles... Coles_mom

I've never had any interest in Kate Upon before...but as of now...I wish I were her! Lawdy, Maks is smokin'!!

nonmember avatar fred gladstone

this was a pr event. After the walk kate went to vegas for abig party without Maks.

Zupamum Zupamum

It would be great if this was true, they make a beautiful couple! Let their dance continue!

Liliya Efremova

Они красивы, молоды успешны, конечно они отличная пара, счастья им и всего самого доброго :0)

Dorothy Holland

If its true, I think it is wonderful for them, especially for Maks. He has been looking for somebody that fits his life! Congratulations to them both. I chose to be optimistic, and hope something good developes.Good luck, Baby.blowing kisses

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