Lindsay Lohan's Hilarious 'Jimmy Fallon' Appearance Can Only Mean One Thing (VIDEO)


jimmy fallon lindsay lohanOkay, guys, I don't want to jinx anything here, but I think ... I think ... Lindsay Lohan just might be getting her mojo back. For realz this time! The formerly troubled starlet (yeah, that's right, I said "formerly"! Cause let's try some positive thinking for a change!) made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night as a guest on the Wayne's World-esque tween girl talk show "Ew!" and guess what? She was really, really funny. Really! I mean, remember last year when she hosted SNL and it was supposed to be a big "comeback" type thing and it was more of a "come again?!" kind of thing? Well, all of that weirdly nervous, unfocused, I'm all messed up and I don't know why/feeling kinda freaky and that's no lie energy was gone last night, and in its place was vintage LiLo. 

Hmm, could this be a good omen for our favorite morgue janitor?

HELL to the YES, I say!! Let's think about this for a minute: See, Lindsay Lohan used to be an actress, remember?? Before she became a pro car crasher/Ambien taker/jewelry thief, girlfriend was an actress -- and a good one at that. (I hate to drag out ye ol' Mean Girls reference, but how awesome was she back then??) So now that she's back to kicking ass as a performer, she'll start remembering how great that feels (a better high than any drug ... right?? No, seriously!) and want to keep kicking ass again and again. And she must know by now that too much gypsy-punching does not a successful acting career make. 

Check out this clip if you haven't seen, and you'll see what I'm talking about:

Was I right or was I right? LiLo is BACK, bitches!

Do you think Lindsay Lohan's Jimmy Fallon appearance was a good omen? 

Image via latenight/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Sue

Lindsay is NOT back. Her reputation is beyond repair because
She is a lair, a phony, a want-to-be , and a low life. Why should she get a break after ALL the crap she pulled ? All the lies, drunken antics, drug use, and stealing ?? 8 mug shots and she wants people to like , respect, and forgive her . Not a chance girl ! Not a chance

CupOf... CupOfCake88

Lol I laughed so hard. I hope she is starting to get her stuff straight.

sweet... sweetaspie630

Wow Sue, your just a big fat bitch aren't ya? Need a tampon? Jeez.

nonmember avatar Kim

I still think she's young enough to be awesom. Just wait.

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