'DWTS' Star Leah Remini's Breakup With Scientology Could Make or Break Her Season

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Leah Remini Tony DovolaniGood GRIEF. We're not even three weeks into the new season of Dancing With the Stars, and already there's some major drama going down behind the scenes -- involving one controversial cast member in particular.

OMG. Leah Remini thinks the church of Scientology wants her to fail, so much so that she even told partner Tony Dovolani that she believes they're gunning for her to lose the competition.

And of course, they had a rebuttal. A Scientology spokesperson told ABC News, "We know this may come as a surprise to someone as self-absorbed as Ms. Remini, but we could care less if she wins or loses on Dancing With the Stars."

Um, yeah. Ok. Sure. Because usually when people get defensive, it's because they don't care at all. (Eye roll.)

And unfortunately for Leah, it looks like the drama with these alien-loving peeps has only just begun. Former DWTS fan favorite Kirstie Alley "feels betrayed" over the fact that Leah was cast on season 17.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that there's a chance that Kirstie will make a guest appearance on the show, which would make it next to impossible for Leah to avoid her. OMG. Can't you feel the tension in the room simply thinking about these two coming face to face with each other? Neither one of them has subtle personalities, so it wouldn't be shocking at all if they got into a good old-fashioned cat fight.

But seriously, isn't it kind of wild just how much drama surrounds Scientology -- especially if you make a drastic move like Leah and decide to quit altogether? The way members are turning on her is only making the "religion" look like more of a wacky cult than everyone already thinks it is, which isn't going to help recruit new victims people to join going forward.

And as far as DWTS is concerned, I guess it wouldn't be reality TV if there wasn't at least a little bit of drama involved. But hopefully for Leah's sake, she won't let everything that's going on outside of the ballroom affect her performance on the dance floor. She has so much potential, and she's come too far to let people who don't agree with her beliefs bring her down.

Do you think the church of Scientology is hoping Leah fails?


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D.j. Lord

oh please..the only reason she is on the show is cause of this..and lil miss self important is gonna milk this for all its worth..im no fan of the church but good lord is she milking this

nonmember avatar NanaBear50

After just reading the book by Scientology leader's niece who left the cult, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't something to Leah's statement. I didn't know much about it before I read the book, but it is a scary, brainwashing cult... especially for the children who are trapped in it by parents deep in the organization.

nonmember avatar jody

The author of this article is obviously biased and judgemental-Personally I don't buy into any religions or belief systems man has invented-Why bash this one?Do any of them have proof or make any sense-NO-I have never heard of any violence or torture they have committed-Leah Remini wouldn't win no matter what-DWTS is no place to complain about your mental stability-when she said she went thru some terrible ordeal-I thought she was going to say her child was murdered or something-Maybe she should zip it-probably thinks she will get pity votes-Nope-she lost a vote! Take a cue from Valerie Harper-now that's a woman who is a great role model!

Peg Kelly Jackson

this is the reason I don't watch this show anymore and yes I do think the Church of Scientology will play a part of her winning or losing.the members of that church will flood the phones with votes against her just wait and see.

Beverly Denny

 I think it is time to zip it.....so she left the church.  Get over it and move on. The more you talk about it the more it gets talked about.  She had her reasons for leaving right or wrong they are still her reasons.  Move on people and put this to rest.

Kim Van Cleave Gronewold

I would not be surprised and good for her for leaving. You can't make someone stay in a religion and if they try then to me it is a cult!! Kirstie Alley needs to stay away from DTWS. she had her chance. Just shut up and sit in the audience!! Just my opinion!!

Nelli... NellieAthome

Jody said "I have never heard of any violence or torture they have committed"

Then you need to do some research. Scientology has a long history of harassment and intimidation against former members as well as psychological "torture" and imprisonment of current members. They maintain a compound, Gold Base,  somewhere in the desert where people are kept, often against their will, sometimes for years at a time.

From a New York Daily News story "Members are not allowed to leave the property without permission, and if they do go AWOL, they are tracked down by military-style teams who are allowed to inflict emotional or physical punishment, ABC News reports" and "Misbehavior of any kind is not tolerated in the compound.  Members risk imprisonment and alleged beatings in one of two trailers known as “The Hole” for violations as harmless as looking at someone the wrong way, The New Yorker reported. Associates are also sometimes subjected to “voluntary” punishments, which include manual labor, malnutrition, sleep deprivation and isolation."


Ginny Peluso

She joined that crazy church to begin with. It`s not like she`s some uninvolved person who they happened to decide to stalk. I think she keeps bringing it up to get the sympathy vote. She`s NOT a great dancer. If she doesn`t make it very far I think it would be the lack of her skill and not the church.


Nelli... NellieAthome

Actually Ginny, her parents joined the cult when Leah was about 8 or 9 so it is not like she had a choice how she was raised any more than you did when you were that age.

And how is it ever the fault of the target when someone decides to stalk them????

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