'Walking Dead' Season 4 Predictions Have Us Excited But Fearing the Worst (PHOTOS)

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daryl carol walking deadWhile I'm very upset Breaking Bad is coming to an end, I'm happy my eye candy in Jesse Pinkman will soon be replaced by Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead. Oh Norman Reedus, please have some love scenes this season. And that's exactly what I'm predicting for season 4. Daryl and Carol are going to get it on. Just look at this sneak peek image of the two of them. That strong arm resting on her shoulder and look in his eye that seems to say "I love your greys, woman. You've earned them and that's hot." I think Carol is going to take that wistful look of hers and plant one right on the better Dixon brother.

Check out what else I think might be happening ....

Are Maggie and Glenn going to have a baby?!? That's the last thing this already way too slow group needs is another infant to slow them down, but then again perhaps if they keep procreating, they can outnumber those walkers. But then the show would end and I'd be sad like I am for Breaking Bad. But why else would Glenn be on his knees tenderly holding Maggie's belly? She looks so maternal. Guess they ran out of those condoms they scored from the drugstore.

walking dead maggie glen

Dear all that is Walking Dead: Please don't make this walker (crawler?) be Hershel. Please, please, please. Not Pops! It sort of looks like the old man though. That grey hair, the beard ... but I don't recall Hershel wearing plaid shirts. White ones with suspenders, yes, but plaid? Maybe it's not him. Or maybe (sad face) he's wearing one of Rick's shirts and it is.

walking dead zombie

Instead of focusing on what could be a turned Hershel who will surely get a bullet in his head by his own daughter Maggie because she's strong like that and naturally protecting her unborn baby (don't you think?), let's look at this ...

daryl dixon walking dead

Oh Cupid. Shoot me with that bow. I predict more sexy stares from Daryl. I think you're all with me on that one.

What do you think of these predictions? What are you expecting for Walking Dead season 4?


Images via Gene Page/AMC, last image Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

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nonmember avatar Mel

God, Caryl needs to happen already!!!! We're dying waiting. They look so cute in that promo picture.
I hope they don't give Glenn/Maggie a baby. Judith is enough.

nonmember avatar Hi!

There's not going to be a love scene between Daryl and Carol. They've all but said nothing has happened yet and they're filming episode 12 or 13 right now.

nonmember avatar Yes

By the end of Season 4, Caryl will be canon.

Deana Folsom

as a diehard caryl fan-I'm very depressed about new scenes with daryl/beth. sorry just don't see the pairing. I guess they want him with young,?hotter woman.

nonmember avatar Shane

1st- Rick is a better match for carol
2nd- no more babies (this season)
3rd- Santa (aka Hershel)will be 2 slow when the prison gets overtaken + Carl will "accidentally" trip him when he escapes

nonmember avatar Yas

Caryl needs to happen. It's time. They have so much chemistry, it's insane. They are in love, you can see it in every scene. It's time to show it to each other finally.

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