Robert Pattinson's Friends Insult Kristen Stewart in the Worst Possible Way

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Robert PattinsonIn case you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, Robert Pattinson has a new gal pal. She is 22-year-old Dylan Penn, who is none other than the daughter of Sean and Robin Wright Penn.

And while it seems a little soon for him to be getting serious with someone else after his breakup with Kristen Stewart, it sounds like Dylan might be exactly what Rob needs, especially since his buddies have supposedly given her their seal of approval.

Kristen might want to cover her ears for this one -- apparently Rob's friends think Dylan is "more secure" than she is. For that reason, they think Dylan's a much more suitable girlfriend for their boy.

And oh yeah, one more thing -- the fact that Dylan and her family "live their lives out of the spotlight" as opposed to being fame whores is another quality that makes Rob's pals think she's perfect for him.

Ouch. Way to kick a girl when she's already down. Kristen is reportedly upset about Rob's love life as it is. Hearing that his friends think Dylan is a better match than she is probably won't go over too well if she catches wind of it.

Oftentimes a guy's friends can be pretty hard to win over. If Dylan has already received the thumbs up, it's entirely possible that Rob's relationship with her could turn into something substantial a lot sooner than anyone expected -- which definitely isn't great news for KStew. I'm sure she's not dumb enough to think that he won't hook up with other women in the wake of their split, but something tells me she probably wasn't anticipating him settling down with someone so quickly.

Of course, all of the buzz surrounding Rob and Dylan could be nothing but a bunch of rumors. There's a chance that Kristen has nothing to worry about and can continue to try and convince herself that Rob will never get over her and will come crawling back on his hands and knees at some point in the future. (A girl can dream, right?)

Will you be surprised if Rob gets serious with another woman this soon?


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D.j. Lord

was he supposed to sit and suffer over the cheater?...naw...get it while you can

nonmember avatar faithful

Rob is a alcoholic and cheating ass, he will fail miserably and will always regret what he has done to Kristen. I have had enough of people supporting him, she made him!! He would not have a career if it was not for Kristen ! He has screwed everybody to win her love 3 years ago. He is a creep. I am a man and I'm not stupid. She is the victim her. Wake up people!

nonmember avatar Guest

What a load of crap. He and his team keep trashing Kristen. She has moved on and kepts quiet about this, while he lets everyone trash her. If her and Catherine hadn't pushed the producers of Twilight, he would be in London with a mediocre job. Kristen pushed and encouraged him to do Cosmopolis. What kind of person is he if he disses the franchise and fans that gave him money and fame? Ungrateful. He's cheated on Kristen a lot. His team pays for it not to go on tabloids because it will stain him. I hope he screws up and Sean kicks his ass. People would be surprised to know the things that those who have paid attention and have watched quietly for years know.

nonmember avatar Rachel

@faithful - could not have said it better. Yeah this girl may be more secure than Kristen - NOW. But wait till she's been with him a while and he continues to party with other women while she's out of town. Rob's idea of SECURE is allowing him to party with other women. What girl - or GUY for that matter - would be okay with that?

nonmember avatar cassie

Well said faithful

nonmember avatar Crystal

He is just playing the field and has been since before Kristen. By the way, he never committed to Kristen!! He will not committ any time soon.Too many beautiful women in the world to not have them all. He has been having the time of his life and will continue.

nonmember avatar Loui

Robert Pattinson can have any girl by his side, and it would be wonderful fot 5 minutes before he starts cheating and getting drunk again, and the sad part about it is that is who he is, short attention span, sorry but true, cheating and drinking is in his blood, no matter what his friends think or say, they are his yes men, but for a short time only

nonmember avatar Guest

Very interesting Mary - if you had bothered to do even a minute of research you would have seen 4 of Rob's friends with Kristen while she is filming in Germany, Switzerland & Italy. But that requires too much effort I guess. Wait, could this info be from his new shady friends that seem to be around him constantly & linked to a long line of actors that often seek rehab? Then you are probably right. I can see why Kristen wouldn't give them the time of day.

I find it disgusting that a woman would go to such lengths to bash this young woman every chance this pathetic site gets. Especially when it is a site that caters to women. We all know, we are our own worst enemies.

nonmember avatar J

LOL...such silly comments. It always makes me laugh how emotional people get and how much they THINK they know someone or a situation because of what they've seen in the media. The media, who can spin any story at any time to portray whoever however they want. Has anyone actually met either of these two? Had a conversation with them? No? Well maybe then you have no real basis for any of your judgement of anyone. So up in arms over people you've never met. Makes me laugh and is pretty pathetic.

nonmember avatar Yolanda

well kristen stewart dont need dum and dumer frineds she rock/roll she needs to party but not dum ass

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