Ian Somerhalder Does Not Want Us Forgetting He's the Real Christian Grey

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ian somerhalderOh, this is just mean. As if Fifty Shades of Grey fans weren't upset enough that Ian Somerhalder didn't land the role of Christian Grey, the actor has decided to taunt people by saying the sweetest thing possible to his ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, on Twitter. AKA, he's making us fall in love with him even harder and making it damn near impossible to get over the fact that he's not Christian.

Why are you doing this, Ian? Why, why, why? I hate you. Just kidding, I love you! Will you marry me? Hahahahalolololol, only joking.

Unless you're into the idea. In that case, we should talk.

After he received an award for his efforts of promoting environmentalism, Ian tweeted a photo of himself with the award, along with the caption: "I'm crazy stupid proud to be in this. Thank you to all for this honor and I look forward to collaborating with all I met last night. Such a monumental moment in my life. Thanks for snapping this shot- photo credit @ninadobrev from set of the Vampire Diaries Love Ian."

Now, I know what you're thinking right now: "BFD? He gave his ex credit for taking a pic of him. Whoop-di-frickin-doo!" Well, wait. It gets better. After Ian's initial tweet, Nina congratulated him on, where else, Twitter, writing: "@Condenasttraveler Recognizes you for your relentless outreach+using it to change the world as you have+will continue to do. MAJOR Congrats!" And then Ian responded with: "@ninadobrev @Condenasttraveler Awwww! Thank you NINA-thank you for the love & support. Truly. Xo Ian." Adorbs, right? A civilized hashtag-laden relationship with his ex. What's not to love about this guy?

I guess eventually we're all just going to have to get over the fact that Charlie Hunnam is Christian Grey and not our beloved Ian. But, seriously, Charlie, step your game a bit. And for god's sake, get on Twitter, so we can see what exes you're talking to.

Do you wish Ian Somerhalder was Christian Grey?

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nonmember avatar Jill

Please...enough with the "Ian is NOT Christian Grey" crap. It's old news now.. I understand a lot of people are heartbroken over this and all, but I am not one of them. I'm sure I will still enjoy the movie with Charlie Hunman.

And what does this article even have to do with Fifty Shades of Grey? Pretty sure Ian is probably tired of people putting words in his mouth. JS..

Kattey Kattey

Nicole, I think you may need therapy. This obsession with Ian and 50 Shades is unhealthy.

Saraden White

 Nicole Fabian-Weber, STFU. All these posts by "writer" for this page need to go back to journaling school. Not everything Ian does revolves around Fifty Shades of Grey.  How does his Twitter account and mature, professional, respectable, and friendly relationship with his ex-girlfriend have to do with anything? This page needs to stop grasping at straws and creating rumors and spreading lies about topics they don't understand. The title of your 'story' should have read, "I can't get over the fact that Ian isn't Christian, so I'm going to blab on and on about him. Seriously, STFU.

nonmember avatar TAMMY


Kristy Lamey Crow

Good for you Jill but I am please do not stop just because one person does not like the article does not mean many wont like it!!!


Lilit... Lilith.23

Saraden wow! Calm the fuck down, jeez i feel like I'm reading something my 15 year old wrote on her off days.

I don't understand why some people here are down right disrespectful to the authors of these articles and YET Still read them... --" ungrateful bitch.

Anyways, IAAAAAAAAAAN! Lalalalove him, and that's so sweet, i swear my oh spent Half an hour ranting and blabling about how he should have been christan.

Atleast we still have TVD to admire his beautiful eyes and sexy body and...gaah I'm out.

Jessi Johnson

Yes I wish Ian was gunna be Christian Grey...would have been a Much better choice...just saying...


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