Khloe Kardashian Drops a Bomb That Sure Looks Like the First Step to Divorcing Lamar

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khloe kardashian and lamar odom photoIt's been weeks now of Khloe Kardashian playing games via Instagram and Twitter, seemingly sharing about her heartache -- or just trying to make us think she's sharing about her mess of a marriage -- in the most cryptic ways possible. But now she's made a move that makes it pretty damn clear where she stands: She erased "Kardashian Odom" from her Twitter display name, leaving her name at just ... Khloe. (Her handle is still @KhloeKardashian.) And not just at some random time, either. She did it today -- on her fourth wedding anniversary! Now tell me that does not make it clear as day that something big's about to go down.

It also bears mentioning that Khloe's telling Twitter tweak comes just a week after she dropped "Odom" from her Instagram account. Looks like she's really setting herself up to call it quits -- sooner rather than later?!

To me, it's apparent she's slowly but surely shifting her married identity for a single one -- at least via social media, and that generally reflects how we want to be perceived and how we perceive ourselves, right? That said, I wouldn't be surprised if divorce papers were filed any day now ...

Geeze, let's HOPE so! I for one a.) have had enough of these vague-booking/tweeting/Instagramming games she's playing, and b.) feel like it is just time for her to cut the cord from this clearly TOXIC relationship with what appears to be a seriously screwed-up guy.

Do you think this Twitter name change is a sure sign Khloe's gonna call it quits soon? Are you also getting fed up with her cryptic social media messages?

Image via KhloeKardashian/Instagram

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Britnae Thompson


Puddi... PuddinPop4

She may have been going through this for years with him. She may have been trying to have him quit for a really long time and he just wont quit she is just sick and tired of him picking drugs over her. We dont know what is happening or has happened...but since she was the one with the most common sense in that family..I am sure she knows what she is doing. (Unlike her sister who was married for 2 minutes.)

Sandra Kasner


Cheri Brockman

Well at least she hung in there and didnt give up so easily .

Lynn Crabtree

well for better or worse.. shes def stood by him for the worst... he needs to wake  up and get his shit together before he loses her...  :(


Kristie-Dawn Jewell Perrier

we dont know all the facts, we do know some, this is the thing about relationships, YOU HAVE TO WORK ON THEM?? wow is that something new to all of you?? for better or for worse! why the hell take those vows if you dont mean them?

Mara K Rajput

You say she's playing games because she doesn't spill all the details on Twitter?

April Harris

He may have a drug problem, but trust me, she knew the deal when she married him. If you think this was about true love, then I got a igloo in Jamaica I wanna sell you!

nonmember avatar AussieMumof6

Come on people...marriage is for better or worse but who wants her husband when he's screwed at least fifty other women... eewww...move on to bigger and better things Miss Khloe!!

Elaine Hosick

not if you marry drug head
she can do better et cute one

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