Kristen Stewart Can't Handle the Truth About Robert Pattinson's New Flings

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kristen stewartIn the wake of more and more Robert Pattinson dating rumors, OK! magazine is inevitably reporting on about Kristen Stewart's reaction to her ex moving on. According to the tabloid -- which of course isn't the most trusted source, but let's hear 'em out --  Kristen has had a full-on freak-out.

"She’s traumatized ... Every time she reads about him with a new girl, she goes into meltdown mode. But reading his new interview, where he’s definitely on the hunt for love, has tipped her over the edge,” the magazine's source claims. Oh jeeze.

Specifically, the interview they're referring to is one in Harper's Bazaar Arabia. Rob said:

It’s that thing ... someone knowing who they are, it’s the best. I guess because it is like the opposite of what I am; I am so all over the place. If someone looks good in their clothes, it’s because they are comfortable in their own skin. It’s literally just like owning it. Oh no! That is so lame, I feel like I am on Project Runway saying ‘own that.’

That doesn't sound potentially devastating to you, you're not alone. But OK! goes onto note that KStew was also upset about a quote he gave to Glamour: Italy, after they asked himif he's "happy now." His response:

I accepted many things, and now I almost feel weird admitting it — because if you say it, then the moment may vanish quickly. But yes, I am happy now.

How poetic, Rob. And vague. But maybe there's something between the lines we're not catching that could really be a knife through Kristen's heart. If that's the case, and she really is torn up about all of these quotes and/or all of this news of Rob's fling with Riley or makeout with Dylan Penn or mystery girlfriend, it's really sad. Mostly because I would have thought she could've moved on by now ...

Seems like Robsten's relationship was one that was over well before it was declared as such. Even if the cheating scandal wasn't for real, they met when they were really young, basically becoming the Hollywood version of high school sweethearts. Sure, you could meet your soulmate at 17, marry them, and live happily ever after. But that's not always the case. Sometimes, you grow up and apart.

If this gossip is true, it sounds like Kristen may need to do some serious soul-searching to get over Rob. At this point, I really don't see them getting back together. The good news: It's not like once she heals her broken heart KStew won't have her pick of the litter in Tinseltown!

Do you buy that Kristen's still torn up over Rob? Do you think it's time for her to move on?


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Miranda Sweat

She should move on and find somewhere else to live so she doesn't have to see rob dating so many women. The last thing she needs is to see rob be with another woman. She should focus on the movies right now.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I just wonder where ppl get this from. Do we know for a fact there broken up? No. I have not heard either Kristen or Rob come out and say we're not together.

Blessy de los Reyes

SHE will....but this kind of  issue it seems not to be true its all rumors and hearsay about kristen...The girl is doing fine abroad. News about rob, well you can wrote becoz he wanted it to be talk in town, He enjoyed playing and fooling around. He can had so much french or blonde womwn in his life...... who cares? called him a slut,whore busybody it describe HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Ileana Eva

This is a trashy and lying magazines, they do care who they hurt as long as they sell. Let's face they are bias on Pattinson side, shame of them.

nonmember avatar Guest

People mag confirmed Rob is dating Dylan and is crazy about her. He never did that with Kristen in all the years they dated. I think she knew in her heart of hearts he was so over her and it's why she took her friends with her as she films in Europe and why she got the new dog. She's heartbroken and I for her. It's tough to get over a deep love, especially when you shoulder the guilt of triggering the break.

Wileen Byroads

It is time for her to move on!  She has no claims on Rob anymore. She has nobody to blame but herswelf!  She lied you rockto Rob several times and she knew he wouldn't tolerate infidelity.  So he dumped her and is moved on!  Good Luck sweet Rob!

Lucia Guadalupe Galaz Pacheco

it hurts are no longer accepting together i love theam both and am robsenses krisbian and of course i love you kristen robsten but fallaste many times better and no buelta of eyelets so sorry :(.

nonmember avatar faye tackett

Move on Kristin. I think you are an amazing young woman whose had to endure public scrutiny of everything you do, whether right or wrong you've taken responsibility for you own actions and have shown both grace and common sense in dealing with your private life.

Ihott... Ihottimami23

I don't believe it ! & if it's true than just like any break up !! I love RoB but c'mon sometimes he acts phony ... If he is soo happy like he says he is which I don't believe it because than god for him but ROB is a person that doesn't like to talk about his LOVE life! He didn't do it when he was wit Kristin he won't do it wit other girl! So let's keep quiet about this cuz next thing u know his back wit her like nothing has happens !! Love is love it is what it is

Seth Aicklen

Kristen is experienced with the celebrity rumor mill and must appreciate that most of what the tabs report about Rob's alleged girlfriends is untrue and/or exaggerated.  I'm sure she doesn't like it, though.  Who would?  If and when Rob gets serious about someone, I believe he will try to inform Kristen first, so she doesn't get blindsided.  I'm sure the opposite is also true.  He's classy guy who cares deeply for Kristen and will always have her back.

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