'Big Bang Theory' Actress Engaged After Only 3 Months

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It’s been just three months since Kaley Cuoco, 27, of Big Bang Theory fame, and tennis star Ryan Sweeting started dating, but it looks like the adorable couple is ready for a more serious commitment. Her rep confirmed to Us Weekly that Sweeting, 26, proposed to his sweetheart on Wednesday.

The couple made their red carpet debut just days ago, when they stepped out together for a pre-Emmys bash and then the Emmy Awards show in L.A. It looks like Kaley is pretty stoked about the engagement, tweeting, “Flying high, I could literally touch the sky with you ...” She also Instagrammed an adorable picture of two little penguins holding hands, with the caption, “I love u @ryansweething :)”

Awww! How cute is this couple? Sure it’s only been a few months, but they seem pretty smitten, and a source close to the actress says, “... she knows Ryan is the one ... when you know, you know.”

Besides, just because they’re engaged doesn’t mean they’re racing toward the altar.

I have to admit that it’s kind of cool to see two young rising stars wanting to settle down and make a bigger commitment to each other than where to have dinner Friday night. Both of their careers are really taking off right now, so I’m sure that feeling of being grounded with each other helps keep the fame in perspective.

Congrats to Kaley and Ryan!

Do you think you can know The One after three months?

Image via normancook/Instagram

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T.M. T.M.

Yes, if you both know what you want out of life and your relationship and you agree on money, children, family, religion, etc. My husband and I spoke on the phone for two weeks for at least three hours a night. We wanted to lay everything out there before we actually met each other in person. We were engaged three months later and married four months after that. We've been married for eight years and counting.

sweet... sweetaspie630

I wanted her to end up with Johnny Galecki :(

Taisie Taisie

I think you can, my man and I have been together basically since the day we met. And definitely lived together since the first time we slept together which was two months after we first met, but we were inseparable for the two months we knew each other before that, but we wern't dating. I know, it was a strange situation, but it worked for us, and we have been together six years now :)

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