'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Katie Yeager Doesn't Want to Take Her Clothes Off for Money

Teen Mom Katie YeagerYou don't have to look at the statistics to know that being a teen mom limits your chances of getting ahead. Just watch an episode MTV's Teen Mom. Tonight the network airs the seventh episode of Teen Mom 3, and in a sneak peek exclusive to The Stir, Katie Yeager has a pretty shocking -- and pretty sobering -- assessment of what it means to be a girl in her community without a college education.

Forget working as a social worker -- which was Katie's dream before she ended up a pregnant high school senior. If she doesn't manage to convince fiance Joey Maes to move to Utah so she can attend a four-year school, Katie sees herself being forced to make desperate moves to make money. Just watch:



I'm not sure what's sadder, that Katie worries she might have to take her clothes off for money or that Joey seems to think it's OK that he didn't graduate from high school. Doesn't he realize that's a bad thing?

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And why is he so dead set against Katie getting a degree? Doesn't he realize your average social worker job is safer than a coal miner? Joey has a very '50s mentality, expecting his little woman to stay at home with the kids while he goes out and makes the money.

The more we see of these two, the more it seems that they're from completely different worlds. Katie wants to better herself, and Joey is content to sit around, smoke pot, and maintain the status quo.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait until she leaves this bozo.

What do you think of Katie's statement? Do you think she's overreacting?


Image via MTV

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