'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Katie Yeager Doesn't Want to Take Her Clothes Off for Money

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Teen Mom Katie YeagerYou don't have to look at the statistics to know that being a teen mom limits your chances of getting ahead. Just watch an episode MTV's Teen Mom. Tonight the network airs the seventh episode of Teen Mom 3, and in a sneak peek exclusive to The Stir, Katie Yeager has a pretty shocking -- and pretty sobering -- assessment of what it means to be a girl in her community without a college education.

Forget working as a social worker -- which was Katie's dream before she ended up a pregnant high school senior. If she doesn't manage to convince fiance Joey Maes to move to Utah so she can attend a four-year school, Katie sees herself being forced to make desperate moves to make money. Just watch:


I'm not sure what's sadder, that Katie worries she might have to take her clothes off for money or that Joey seems to think it's OK that he didn't graduate from high school. Doesn't he realize that's a bad thing?

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And why is he so dead set against Katie getting a degree? Doesn't he realize your average social worker job is safer than a coal miner? Joey has a very '50s mentality, expecting his little woman to stay at home with the kids while he goes out and makes the money.

The more we see of these two, the more it seems that they're from completely different worlds. Katie wants to better herself, and Joey is content to sit around, smoke pot, and maintain the status quo.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait until she leaves this bozo.

What do you think of Katie's statement? Do you think she's overreacting?


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motha... motha2daDuchess

she chose to keep her baby and stay where she was and now she is regretting it...and blaming Joey. There are a lot of girls in the world that babies as teens and got degrees and continued schooling, they did not stop what they were doing to be the only person in creation to have a kid.  I think if teen mom is going to continue they need to focus on finding the ones that fight for their dreams and fight through the difficulties...not sit on the couch and complain about what they could have had

D.j. Lord

she picked him..and she is on nationwide tv putting bizness in the streets...so spare me the outrage and victim hood


Katie seems like the type of person who will find anything and everything to bitch about. And btw Jeanne if you watch the show it seems to me like Katie's the one sitting around all the time, not Joey. He's the one who works all night and comes home covered in coal dust just so he can provide for his family. This article is sickening. And does she honestly think she'd make that much money by taking her clothes off? Girls got a muffin top...lol

nonmember avatar Amber

I actually feel sorry for Joey. Katie just complains and bitches to him and gets him so pissed off, its like I wait for him to explode so he gets his point across to her. I personally am a team Joey all the way because I hate when people nag, gripe, complain and degrade me because I am not good enough. The other girls don't do it as much as she does. I like her but she needs to not push him over the edge so much and look at what he has given her like a nice apartment, a beautiful darn engagement ring, a child that she loves. She should forget with what type of baggage he comes with but don't hold it on a "fishing pole" and go you come with so much debt. Team Joey all season long.

nonmember avatar Lily

I had read so many great things about Katie before I watched Teen Mom 3 that I thought she was going to be the anomaly. Wow! It seems that because she "dreams" of college that everyone has this favorable opinion of her, but it seems like the only responsible one on the whole show is Joey! Katie is so manipulative and immature... Joey is far from perfect, but he clearly works his behind off to make her and Molli happy. Maybe she COULD go to college if she planned, got a job, and got out of the house!

nonmember avatar Mary-Katherine

Yay! I am Team Joey all the way, Katie is a spoiled brat. Alex has serious psychological issues, and Briana's mom is psycho. This show is a train wreck.

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