Dylan Penn: 5 Things About Robert Pattinson's New Rumored Girlfriend

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Dylan PennNow that we know who Robert Pattinson’s latest rumored girlfriend is, I think it’s time we got to know her a little. Don’t you think? Pull up a chair. Let us dish on the lovely Dylan Penn. We already know she’s the daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn. Lucky for her she seems to take after her mother more than her dad. But what else does she have going on? We scrape the bowels of the Internet to find out.

1. Dylan is 22 years old.

2. She’s a model. Dylan is working with DT Model Management, which also represents Paris Hilton. Google image Dylan Penn and you'll see some of her work.

3. Dylan is 5'7" and has green eyes. Rob looks tiny on film (is it just me?) but he's actually 6'1", so it looks like they're a pretty good height match. Kristen Stewart is 5'5". Alas, 5'7" is a bit short for a model, even nowadays.

4. Dylan has a brother named Hopper. He got into hot water earlier this year for lashing out at the paparazzi.

5. Here's Dylan Penn as a baby. Daww.

And that’s about all we could find so far. With parents as colorful as Dylan has, you’d think she might have a spunky personality, too. I mean, Robin seems pretty cool, but man, Sean Penn has quite the outsized personality. We hope she’s got more going on than what we know so far -- she’ll need it if she wants to keep Rob’s interest! Of course, now that we know who Dylan is, I bet we’re going to see Rob with yet another new girl. How much you want to bet it’ll be someone else next week? Oh well, sucks to be Pattinson.

Do you think Dylan will stick around, or is this just another fling for Rob?


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Shirley Sorrow

Why don't you mind your own business?  You know NOTHING about Rob's private life.  Actually Kristen is 5'6" not 5'5", but who cares.  Rob certainly didn't.  

nonmember avatar Patti

If it is not from the mouth of Rob himself, I will not believe it, and drop the name RPatz, I am so very sure that Rob hates the name! His private life is his own business, who he wants to see or not to see is up to him!

Marina Martins

I prefer Kristen, it is obvious

Dixie Jewel

 @Patti and Shirley..... LOL but yet here you are reading about his private life ! LOL

You go Rob! She is beautiful! Have fun you deserve it after what you have been put through the last year.

Simča Michalíková

Dixie Jewel -My God, we make him a poor thing, poor thing not look like when after two months, the new relationship, where his word that is long relationships, arrogant guy haha


Christina Hansen

more lies from OK Magazine and Life and Style Magazine


Pam Mangrum

I still think he loves Kristen .He is doing everthing to get back at her,But deep down he still loves Kristen she is more his type ,Down to earth,  Beautiful even With no makeup I still think he should get bach with her she is every thing he ever wanted in a relationship,Thats hard to find Rob.Dont wait to long  she will have all kinds of guys wanting her,Better run to her while she still wants you,No one will ever love you like she does.

Cindy Martin

i think this is a fling and Kristen Stewart and Rob belong toogether because they make a good couple

nonmember avatar Carol Buss

I would like to know why this story is taged to Kristen Stewart, it has absolutely nothing to do with her life. Other than they would like Kristen to come out swinging, which she is not going to do. And all this about Rob wanting to see Kristen is just BS, and you all know it. maybe she is at the Malabu house.

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