'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Matt's Drug Problem Is Alex's Drug Problem Too

Teen Mom 3 Alex SekellaIf your DVR cut off the last few moments of Teen Mom 3 this week, you missed the most excruciating moments of this already emotional season. Just when Alex Sekella looked to be getting her head clear and making peace with the role Matt McCann is going to have to play in her life, things went NUTS! Sadly, that was a theme for much of tonight's episode: how these girls will forever be strung along by the men in their lives, and how they can't cut ties, even when it hurts.

Alex had it the worst tonight, with her recently out of rehab ex falling off the wagon. Matt was supposed to show up to meet with his drug counselor to be placed in a facility for homeless men with problems like his. He did show -- several hours late and obviously high. He refused to agree to go into the facility, and then things took a turn for the worse.


At the very tail end of tonight's episode, Alex got a call that Matt had overdosed. This came after her grandparents convinced her that for the sake of little Arabella, she needs to try to have some sort of relationship with Matt -- not sexual, but platonic and cordial. Her grandparents are right; this little girl deserves to have two parents in her life, but not if it's dragging her mom into her daddy's drug problems.

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Addicts need support to clean up, but addicts can very easily pull you down. And Alex is a teen mother, already juggling school, motherhood, and work; she doesn't NEED anything else on her plate right now. As long as Matt's drug problems are dragging her down, she can't get things done. His overdose tonight came just as she was trying to actually get some homework done! And she jumped right in the car, with Bella, to be at his side.

Sadly she wasn't the only mom dealing with baby daddy drama tonight (as per usual). Katie Yeager desperately wants to move to Utah to continue her degree beyond a two-year school, but boyfriend Joey Maes is content to work at a coal mine the rest of his life ... and keep her home with their daughter. One of the most striking things out of Katie's mouth was her assessment that he's trying to control her. It sounds spot on for a guy who has already shown himself to be violent and have issues with her wearing lingerie in a modeling gig.

Briana DeJesus didn't have it much better tonight. Her court case, intended to keep Devoin Austin away, ended with the judge siding with Nova's dad. Devoin claimed the cyberbullying that went on on Twitter wasn't really him, and Briana had no way to prove that the account belonged to him. She's stuck with Devoin, whether she wants him or not.

Even Mackenze Douthit, in a rare break from her pretty constant mushy gushy talk about boyfriend Josh McKee, seems fed up with her guy. She's sick of playing second fiddle to rodeos and taking care of Gannon all by herself. But she's also worried because Josh is rodeo-ing to make money for their little family. It was good to hear her parents tell her that they have her back whether she's with Josh or not -- this poor girl needs to know that she can stick up for herself!

It's sad to see these girls being held back by the guys in their lives, but they're young and don't know how to set boundaries yet. The best one at it is Briana -- who has the strong support of mom Roxanne to help her do it. But even that isn't always going to work; because once you have a child with someone, you're tied forever in some way or another.

What did you think of Alex jumping in the car to head to the hospital after Matt's overdose? Should she just leave him alone?


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