Lamar Odom’s Drug Binge Includes Another Woman But He Still Thinks Khloe Won’t Leave

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Khloe Kardashian Lamar OdomIf we thought Lamar Odom might be starting down the path to recovery with his supposed tweet defending the Kardashians and calling them his "ONLY family" and “the ONLY ones that have been here consistently 4 me during this dark time” -- well, maybe that was too good to be true. TMZ is now reporting that not only did Lamar not write that tweet but that his drug problem is worse than ever.

Lamar is supposedly holed up in a private house somewhere and that his "life revolves" around smoking crack, listening to rap music, and partying with two young women -- one of whom he is allegedly sleeping with.

And his buddies reportedly say he didn't write that tweet to his father -- that, in fact, he has no Internet access and didn’t even know about his father blasting the Kardashians on RadarOnline.

But he is apparently still confident that Khloe won't leave him since she's stood by him so far and won't "abandon" him during his time of need.

Sheesh, talk about being entitled. Can any of this possibly be true? Can he really just assume Khloe isn’t going to get fed up and go? And why isn’t she?

Sorry, but if your husband is doing drugs and sleeping with strange women and has no impulse to get help or change -- that is not a husband. No one can make a decision about their marriage other than the two in it, but it sounds like Lamar has made his decision: To act the way he wants without any repercussions. I have no idea why Khloe, or any woman, would put up with this. But women put up with a lot worse. Sadly.

But I suspect Khloe will come to her senses and soon. She's stronger than she -- and Lamar -- thinks.

As for who sent that fake tweet -- it would have to be someone with access to his Twitter account. Err ... Kris?

Do you think it's time for Khloe to leave?


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D.j. Lord

she aint going no where...she is getting more pub than ever...the last name is kardashian not jones

Roslyn Baskin

Yes she should and if Lamar love her as much as she loves him he will het the help that he one can make him get help if he don't want it,Lamar has to hit rock bottom before he can an want help,but Iam sure that Khloe will be there if he needs her when he hits bottom because she's a sweet girl and she loves helping people.the love that Khloe has for Lamar won't go away over night ,I just pray that Lamar gets the help that he needs an I pray for him an Khloe.

nonmember avatar BRITNAE


Stacy Board

Amarillo is a fix kin idiot who does not nor did he ever deserve khloe

Gina Bardach

Definitely bad for this girl.  Khloe is the sweetest and realest of them all and she or anyone else doens't deserve this SHIT! I put up with that for a short while myself 15 years ago and I didn't have millions of dollars AND i had four kids to figure out.  It took me all of one year to just grab what we could and LEAVE!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping she is using her money and family back up wisely and doing all they can to make sure she isn't left paying HIS dumb ass alimony or any kind of settlement!!!!!!!!!  TAKING TIME TO DO IT RIGHT....THAT'S WHAT I'M HOPING FOR!!!! GET EM KHLOE!!!!!!!

Madison Krasny

I think she should stay with him they are a super cute couple and belong together. Evey body makes mistakes in their life and Lamar has made his they got married because they love each other. (: ): <3

nonmember avatar camille scales

i think we should stay out their business and let those two who said vow to to eachother handle it. the media putting peoples person business out. we should never have known about this .and we shouldnt discuss it khloe has enough stress and were adding to it by discussing it. #justmyopinion

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