'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's Latest Career Move Proves He's Officially Lost It

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Sometimes I ask myself, Is this real life? And now ... now is one of those moments. Why you ask? Hmm ... could be because former Bachelor Ben Flajnik is now charging women for dates.

Yes, I'm talking about the guy who desperately needs a haircut and says things like "Oh my Dad!" Believe me, you don't know how badly I wish I were kidding. I can only imagine the face Courtney Robertson is giving right about now.

So, are you willing to fork up the $2,500 (!!!) it will cost you to date Ben? Or do you just want to laugh at what this magical date entails? Let's see ...

According to Gilt.com where Ben is a guest curator, "An Afternoon with Ben Flajnik" will get you the following:

1. You will spend three unforgettable hours with Ben. That's, like, a one-on-one date, a group date, and three cocktail hour chats all rolled into ONE!

2. Ben will take you around San Francisco to all of his favorite dining places. So not only are you paying for the man's time, but you don't even get to choose where you eat. Awesome.

3. You might get to "help him walk his dog on the beach." I'm not kidding, you guys. IT ACTUALLY SAYS THAT. So like, does he have dishes that need to be washed, too? Laundry? No?

4. And finally, you'll get to have an intimate chat over coffee.

5. Wait a second, it says explore San Francisco, walk his dog, OR a chat over coffee. So you only actually get one of those things. That's kind of lame.

6. Why am I still making this into a list?

7. Ben, are you reading this?

The saddest part about all of this? The offer is completely sold out. Meaning, people actually shelled out over two grand to spend time with Ben Flajnik. Clearly, the man only has so many hours in the day to let you walk his dog on the beach. He can't just give his time away to EVERYONE. He was The Bachelor, people!

Do you find it ridiculous that Ben is charging for dates? Would you ever spend that kind of money to hang out with him?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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Bella230 Bella230

Hilarious article! Who does this guy think he is?! I think the most shocking part of all is that people actually paid money to hang out with him and his hair. 

nonmember avatar Jen


Judy Grooms

I would not give him 5 cents for a date--- he has some nerve!!!!!!!

Carol Parks

Thought he was still living in Sonoma, not S.F. Well, it is very expensive to live here! But, ummmmm this almost sounds like prostituion. Who in their right mind, would pay for a date with him? Or anyone for that matter. Can we say....DESPERATE?

MamaKat Joyce

how desparate are these women???? he was one of the worst bachelors ever!!!  and UGLY TO BOOT!!!

Carol Cromer

He is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid!  The women?  The latter, for sure.

yesnech yesnech

He has better do backflips or perform magic, SOMETHING for all that dough.

Ann Brassard

This is a joke..I wouldn't pay a dime..

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