Teresa Giudice's Response to Spinoff Offers Is Completely Delusional

Stuck in Reality 5

teresa giudiceI can't tell if Teresa Giudice is an evil genius or just a master of self-delusion. But given the evidence she's provided over the years, I'm leaning toward the latter. Her latest foot-in-mouth moment only supports this belief.

Teresa recently spoke about the "many" offers she's received to do a spinoff show about her family. I wonder if it was just one call and she keeps listening to the same voicemail over and over again not understanding how voicemail (or life) works. You've got to admit, it's not outside the realm of possibility.

Still, Tre claims that she and her riotous clan are very much in demand. If that's the case, why haven't we been inundated with enough Giudice to melt our brains? I just assumed that this was because there is, in fact, a higher power and that it is merciful. But it turns out it's because Teresa would never want to do anything to tear her family apart.

You can't tell, but in between that paragraph and this one, I was hospitalized for rupturing my spleen trying to dissect that statement. It's cool, I've got an awesome scar now. If what Teresa is saying is true, then I'm seriously concerned that she doesn't actually know that she is a star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Has she not seen the show? THE DEFINING FEATURE OF THAT SHOW IS THAT HER FAMILY HAS BEEN TORN APART. That's the central conflict! I just can't even. While she may have said 'no' to the spinoff now, I secretly hope that if she and Joe are found guilty on their fraud charges and sent to jail, that their time in the clink will be optioned by someplace like Spike TV.

Do you think Teresa's for real about not doing a spinoff?

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nonmember avatar lori meadows

Sad, but I think she would do any thing for money. Including hurting her family!

Lesa Sellers

how can you wish they go to jail? if they do the crime yes, but has it been proven?? seriously you stink!! for such a horrible comment. what we see is not necessarly what happened, there is this thing called "editing" to twist stuff and make it appear other wise.... lets hope the legal system, judges and lawyers sort it not YOU

Trillian Alice

To the so called author, you are hardly a Truman Capote.  Practice more, dear. 

nonmember avatar Jo Bro

Did Teresa ever do something to you personally or hurt you in anyway? You are a pathetic human being to wish someone goes to jail. Do you not have something positive you can write? They may not be the brightest people but they have young children who will be devastated if their parents are put in jail. Your blog is a total waste of time and how she feels about a spinoff is her business. Why don't you find something real to write about. I am done with this garbage!

Kay Wiermaa

Locked Up Domestically, Real HouseInmates Of New Jersey Jail, 4 Bratty Kids and Counting...

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