What 16 Top Christian & Ana Contenders Plan to Do Instead of Star in '50 Shades' (PHOTOS)

ian somerhalder in vampire diariesWhether you were rooting for Ian Somerhalder or campaigning for Alexis Bledel to pick up or put up with the mercurial billionaire Christian Grey's riding crop on the big screen next summer, it's clearly time to face the music. Casting is all said and done, and it's time to get on Team Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson

Still, that doesn't mean we can't look forward to seeing some of our Fifty Shades of Grey fan favorites' big Plan Bs! Here, what the top hopefuls who weren't cast in the steamy flick have lined up next ...

Which Fifty Shades' fan favorite's next project are you most looking forward to?

Image via The CW

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nonmember avatar Kate

Why does everyone talk about this like it's going to make someone's career. Ask Elizabeth Berkley what starring in an NC-17 erotic-themed movie did for HER career. It's going to do serious career damage to whoever steps into it (current casting decisions or not) and the people who got "passed over" should thank their lucky stars that they won't be saddled with this on their resume.

peach... peachpies

Too bad Emilia Clarke is so tied up with Game of Thrones this fall, she was rumored to be one on the top of their list right before the cast was announced but I bet she was too busy. Obviously she has nothing against nudity, and she looks JUST like Ana is described with her big eyes, pale skin, petite stature and beautiful/small features. Also makes me sad Felicity Jones turned down an offer due to full frontal nudity. They really butchered it with casting Dakota! She has it all wrong, even with brown hair. Ick! And Henry Cavill! I'm bummed he was so busy this fall too, but he'll always be my Christian Grey, not Charlie Hunnam - who would've made the perfect Elliot.

nonmember avatar brianna

I like that Ian didn't get Christan grey and seriously hope get gets to play Gideon cross! That would be a nice movie

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