Robert Pattinson's Rumored PDAs Make It Clear He's Over Kristen Stewart

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robert pattinson Just days after Robert Pattinson was rumored to be dating a sexy brunette who kiiinda looks like the fit, sunny version of Kristen Stewart, an updated report claims she's just his trainer. Boo. However, another story asserts that he's dating 22-year-old model Dylan Penn. Yep, Penn, as in Sean Penn and Robin Wright formerly Wright-Penn's daughter! Geeze, first Riley Keough, now Dylan Penn?! Does Rob have a thing for Hollywood royalty or what?

At any rate, Life & Style reports that Kristen Stewart's ex was supposedly getting intimate with Dylan at L.A.'s Viper Room earlier this month. A source says, "They were touchy-feely and very flirtatious. There was a level of comfort there. You could tell they’ve hung out a few times." Innnteresting.

The pair also then reportedly headed to the Chateau Marmont for fries and drinks before going with a group to Rob's house, where, a witness claims, "They went into his kitchen, and he put his arms around her. Then he was kissing her neck and talking all lovey-dovey." Uh-oh! Let's hope daddy Sean approves, because he's got a notorious hot temper!

Then again, who knows if this is even true? Us is reporting that a "mystery woman" was acting like Rob's new girlfriend just a few days ago at a pool party. She was calling him "babe," and a source says, "There were like 40 people at the party, it was intimate, and Rob was next to her the entire time no matter where he was." Apparently, he also looked "really happy." Aww.

All we can really conclude from this onslaught of gossip it seems is that Rob appears to be moving on from Kristen ... Either with Dylan or this mystery trainer he was photographed with, a different unidentified woman, or a whole other brigade of PYTs in L.A. and maybe even across the pond! And you know, if that's the case, good for him.

I'm sure anyone holding out hope for a Robsten reunion is probably a bit bummed to hear all the buzz about Rob's love life taking off in another direction ... But let's be honest: He's young, he's gorgeous and successful, and he's allowed to have fun. Actually, it sounds like he's having so much fun that his next serious relationship may not be for a while. And after his KStew fiasco, that would be completely okay.

Are you psyched to see Rob moving on? Do you think he'll end up with a new GF sooner rather than later or keep playing the field?


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Ileana Eva

IF this is true he better get ready to get indoctrinated in comunism by Sean Penn or to get smack by Sean Penn. After all he gets in brawls. Now that I think about it maybe the right fit.

nonmember avatar krelia

Does the stir ever get tired of writing about him? One day hes over her, next day he's not, etc etc.....get some originality

Caryn Burton

Good grief... one day it's a mystery brunette at a party, the next his trainer, and then we throw in the daughter of two Hollywood powerhouses.  Apparently, all of the baseless allegations of Rob being a manwhore have started to fuzz your brains.  Sadly, Rob will continue to be accused of shagging every female he's ever seen with because people just can't accept that then man might actually be exactly who he presents himself to be; a decent guy trying to work in an insane environment and have some semblance of life while doing so.  Gods, what an awful story that would make.  Better stir the pot with random rumour, gossip and baseless accusations.  

Cathy Hendrix

why don't they just get back together cause you can look at him and tell he's not happy, he's alway thinking about KS and i can tell that he still loves her more then he's leting anyone know

Cristina Isabel

Cause she cheated on him. How is he gonna be with her.


Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

I just don't care. He don't need to cut off and don't talk Kristen. Just tell her that we still be best friends til later on I don't know when exactly they change mind and back on together who know. Just keep in touch if some movie projects that need someone might both or not. That s simply life goes.

Elisabete Pires

i very desapointment with him,i thing they used the girls to fogether kristen,is not ok,his just forget the pass,is an actor because of her,and she more sucess than him,but i hope rob be happy with this bornett

nonmember avatar Jeannie

I too am disappointed in Rob Pattinson. He probably would still be an unknown if it had not been for Kristen Stewart. His twilight fans fell in love with him. Now Rob is saying all the Twi fans do not have much to do but to hang onto the computer all day, every day. Well, how would he know if he didn't follow everything about himself on the computer. While I am on the subject, Kristen Stewart got blamed for the Rupert Sanders scandal. He was a much older person with a lot of power. I believe he seduced her. I am not stupid. She could have told him no...but there again the pressure. He should have known better. A beautiful wife and two kids.
My point, Mr. Pattinson, your Twi fans made you and can certainly break you! Forgive Kristen and get on with your life.

Patty Kohenskey

They maybe dating other people right now. But give them a few months or a year. And they will be back together again. They start as friends first before they start to dating each others. Rob and Kristen are a great couples.

Blessy de los Reyes

I guess,he is just using all the woman that links to him just to forget kristen and let the people think that he has moved on w/ the broke up.thats why the girls came and goes in his life. OR maybe, if birds nature is to fly and fish is to swim Rob nature is womanizing....just tellin!  Because HE totally out of HIS mind for the succes HE got right now. But keep on mind that there is an end for this kind of people.. 

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