Dakota Johnson's Relationship May Already Be on the Rocks Thanks to '50 Shades'

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dakota johnsonEver since we found out Dakota Johnson is dating fellow Hollywood kid Jordan Masterson, we figured there was no chance she would be single during the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey and therefore susceptible to falling for her co-star Charlie Hunnam ... right? Errr, well, we may have to rethink that assumption, because rumor has it Jordan has been encouraging Dakota to do something even scarier than sign a submissive agreement and NDA: Join him as a member of the Church of Scientology. Ahhhh!!!!

A source told Grazia magazine, "Jordan feels taking on such a huge role and the fame that goes with it will mean she needs some help -- and that's where Scientology could step into help her." Oh no. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. That is if Dakota isn't on the same page as Jordan.

I can understand anyone wanting to convert or adopt a new religion their partner identifies with. It's a completely legitimate thing couples do all the time. But at the same time, it's not something to be taken lightly. You've gotta be sure you're doing it for the right reasons ... and not being pressured into it. I also feel like it's something you have to want to do for yourself too, because if it is all about what your partner wants, you're not going to be fully committed to it.

In this case, we're not talking about just any religion either. We're talking about Scientology -- associated with all sorts of drama for Leah Remini, Tom Cruise jumping on couches, and Jordan's own father not having seen his kids for almost a decade, because he was ex-communicated by the church. Eek. Thus, it seems to follow that Dakota really shouldn't just decide to join up on a whim!

If she doesn't, and Jordan pushes, I really feel like their relationship could be doomed. And in that case, who's to say Ana may not end up falling for Christian after all?!

Do you think Dakota's relationship could fall apart because of Scientology?

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Annie... Anniegrace

She just needs to drop the role. She's not Ana in any way and the majority of fans don't want her to play Ana either.

Christi Dowers

   Playing this role not. This decision (religion) should be hers and hers alone. Personal opinion though is her being involved in any religion should be hers, and don't make this choice based on your relationship. Who's to say they don't stay together, and she wants out. She will be done like so many others. Which is not fair. Everyone is entitled to change their mind without the drama. Free will! I hope everything works out.

  Also if she was chosen to play Ana; we need to give her a chance. No she wasn't who I saw in the role, but neither was Charlie for Christian. Plus everyone wanted so many different stars to play these roles. So good luck to these two, and who ever else the cast.

Christi Dowers

Was chosen.. Sry for typos


Dn BeLdua

i have read this book , Beyond Belief which was narrated by Jenna Miscavige, the founder's niece. it talks about her life inside Scientolgy from birth to adolescence , how this religion controlled her whole life and it's members as well....until finally she went against it. honestly it made me sicked reading it. i felt it's not a form of religion because it concerned extreme sacrifice and weird rules, and sometimes taking one's life. there is no freedom...in connection with Dakota, well it really all depends on her....only she should think million times....

nonmember avatar julie

They will broke up with or without scientology, it works out now coz they're both hollywood kids nobody without their own achievement. Xenu freak dude will get jealous with Dakota fame while his own little comedy show will get canned. It will hurt his pride that she's famous for rolling around in bed with Charlie ten times hotter guy than he'll ever be.

nonmember avatar anne

If Dakota is dumb enough to join that freaky cult, she'll be laughing stock and haters who already said mean things to her will have field day with it, not great career move if she wants more career and more fans in hollywood

Heather Williams

How does this have anything to do with her role in Fifty Shades?

Rikki Sue Clark

Good lord, I hope she doesn't join that creepy cult life... especially being pressured by a man to do so! That is a huge decision, not one to be taken lightly that's for sure!

Please stop telling her to drop the roll, it's not going to happen, get over it already. I'm not crazy about the choices either, but it is, what it is. Either get on board with it, or quit reading the articles and being so damn negative all the time.

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