Brandi Glanville’s Unexpected Response to LeAnn Rimes’s Twitter Rant Changes Everything

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brandi glanvilleLike her or lump her (I fall in the first camp, haters gonna hate, etc.), Brandi Glanville speaks her mind. In the seemingly never-ending unfolding public drama between Brandi, her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, and Eddie's new wife, LeAnn Rimes (famous for yodeling as a youth), you can always count on Brandi to defend herself until she is bloodied and beaten.

That's why everyone who followed LeAnn's bizarre passive-aggressive rant about Brandi yesterday on Twitter was waiting with bated breath. When would Brandi chime in and what would she say when she did? I was so sure the lady was going to demolish her rival. I had popcorn ready! That's why when she did finally tweet-up, it was so surprising.

Brandi stayed virtually mum. Except for one tweet that essentially amounted to a giant eye-roll, Brandi let crazy be crazy and continued on about her day. My friends, that is what we call taking the higher road. I mean, I still love a Brandi who fights back, but a Brandi who's above all the nonsense? That I kind of adore.

Can you imagine how badly LeAnn is squirming right now? She goes out of her way to taunt Brandi, and the woman does nothing other than keep her cool. Now who looks like the bigger banana-head, Rimes? Spoiler alert. The banana-head is you.

Whose side are you on in the battle between Brandi and LeAnn?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Brandi works??

Tracy Slice Moore

Team Brandi all the way!!! LeAnn and Eddie broke up 2 households because they could not control themselves. It does not matter how good of a stepmom LeAnn might be, she destoryed the family that those 2 boys had because she could not say NO. Just hope she and Eddie don't have children as she may face the same heartache that Brandi did.

Sandra Abe


nonmember avatar Carol

Shandi80: Yes, Brandi works. She is a best selling New York Times author, models and stars on a hit TV show. If you had said 'Eddie works?' I would have agreed with you.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Oh right, I forgot about Drinking and Tweeting. Hard work.

Emmie25 Emmie25

Team Brandie!!!!!

nonmember avatar Renee

Team Brandi all the way. If anyone has reason to want to strike back at this spoiled former child star who helped break up her family it is Brandi. But I am so glad she took the high road here. She really doesn't need to say anything else to make LeAnn look bad, because LeAnn is doing it herself.

nonmember avatar Christina

Definitely Team Brandi. If you look back at this whole situation and all that's she's been through,and where she's at now in her life. Omg!!! She probably sits back with a glass of wine at time's and thinks why couldn't Eddie pick Class with money to take care of him instead of Goofy with money. LOL

nonmember avatar Annabella

Team Brandi! LeAnn...your crazy/jealously is showing! And I totally agree with the other poster who said that no matter how great a step parent LeAnn is, she is no bonus, she contributed a big part of the boys home breaking up and yes it was all because she could not say NO! Sad sad excuse for a woman, especially after everything she's done, she can't just go live her happy happy happy life, but has to continue to bash Brandi. Silenced too long...? No I think she's just been a selfish little slut too long.

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