Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried Are Already Running Out of Things to Do Together

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Des and ChrisHuh. That's odd. She's only been engaged for, like, not quite two months, and already Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock is asking for date night ideas to keep things interesting with fiancé Chris Siegfried.

She asked for assistance from her Twitter followers by saying, "Ready for a relaxing date night with @ChrisRSiegfried! What are your favorite date night things to do??? Need ideas."

Um, what the heck is going on here? How is it that in a span of less than a couple months, Des and Chris have actually run out of options as far as things to do together goes?

I mean, aren't they supposed to be smack dab in the middle of the honeymoon phase right now -- which means they really don't have much of an interest in any sort of activity that occurs outside the confines of their bedroom? (It's not like she's engaged to Sean Lowe, for crying out loud.)

And another thing -- Des and Chris are currently living in Seattle, so something tells me there's not exactly a shortage of things to do in that city. Even if they feel like they've already seen quite a bit of what it has to offer, there have to be at least a handful of decent restaurants they haven't been to yet or a couple movies they haven't seen.

Oh yeah, that's right -- these two are used to going on dates where they do things like climb mountains, repel down the sides of buildings, and get wined and dined while riding around in fancy limos and helicopters. Heading to their local Chili's for a burger and taking in a flick probably isn't something they get too excited about these days.

But reality TV couple or not, it doesn't exactly bode well for their future if Des and Chris are already finding it hard to come up with date night activities. If they think it's tough to keep things new and exciting now -- just wait until after the wedding goes down and they've settled into married life. At that point, the whole "been there, done that" mentality goes to an entirely new level.

And don't even get me started about how things die down once babies enter the picture.

If Des and Chris know what's good for them, they'll gain a new sense of appreciation for a quiet dinner at Chili's before it's too late.

Do you think Des and Chris are starting to get bored with each other?


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nonmember avatar Lilly

Yet another hateful, bitter post from Mary. Leave these two alone. A lot of couples need date night ideas, no matter how long they have been together. One can tell from your writing that you are sad and bitter. I feel very sorry for you. All you do is write negative, nasty things about couples and hope for the worst. That is disgusting and Karma does not mess around.

Nancy Drum

They ll never make it!


nonmember avatar Mary repinski

They have been engaged since May! What's wrong with asking people for ideas? It's annoying to hear the negativity!

Roberta Howard

Quit while your ahead.. Poor Chris.. He does not deserve all this drama... 

Melissa Grace Dant

That "article" was lame. She's living in a new city and asking for ideas. Seems like something anyone would do when you aren't familiar with the area. Your negativity was a waste of 30 seconds of my life.

Jacee... Jacee2348

"Poor Chris" signed up for the drama @RobertaHoward.  And this article was ridiculous.  I've about had my fill of stupid, pointless articles from the Stir.  It's about all we get any more.  And yes, that's only MY opinion, but it is how I feel. 

nonmember avatar Octoberbird

Newsflash, Mrs. Fischer - not everyone screws like rabbits 24/7 when they are dating. I guess one activity that they COULD start doing is "laugh at stupid, jealous, and bitter articles about themselves on TheStir."

nonmember avatar Julia

I see your point; but I see nothing wrong with asking for ideas. Don't make mountains out of molehills, it was just a simple tweet.

If anything I think that it's great for them to be asking ideas, experiencing new things together could be great for there relationship, considering the fact that allot of their dates on the show consisted of new things to them.

Carol Parks

You have got to be kidding? This "article" is a joke! What nonsense this is. 

Carol Parks

Oh, & to the author of this trash, get your facts straight! She has been engaged since May 5 2013. Almost 5 months now, not two. 

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