Jenelle Evans’s Ex Says 'Teen Mom' Has Left Him Paranoid

Stuck in Reality 3

gary headWhen looking back on her relationship with her former fiance Gary Head, one thing should make Jenelle Evans smile. The dude is completely sure that Teen Mom has ruined his life. How sure is he? Why just the other day, Gary tweeted about his fears. He believes everyone who looks at him is recognizing his face from days of yore as Jenelle's number one squeeze.

Yeah. You know what would be more convincing than Gary taking to the Internet to set the record straight? Gary not talking about it at all. Every time a reality star says they don't want to be famous, they get their wings and a bottle of rose with an estimated value of $6.80. Gary's saying that he wants to be known for "him," not the show -- but his actions are telling another story.

It's not like Gary was exactly beloved during his brief stint on the show either. He came across as bad-tempered and pretty violent. I mean, when you manage to make Jenelle look like a victim, that's saying something. Still, it seems time has turned Gary into a sensitive flower, he had this to say:

Is it bad that I literally freak out when I walk into large crowds at UNCW? I mean I want to be known for me. Not the guy on 'Teen Mom'. My GF always tells me that nobody notices. But I see the random stares & I get really paranoid. I'm sorry, society has ruined me.

Far be it for me to belittle someone going through a genuinely hard time, but I'm not buying this. "Society has ruined me"? That, my friends, is what we in the trade call melodrama. Gary, if you want folks to forget you were on Teen Mom, the solution is a simple one -- stop talking about it.

Do you think Gary's for real or that he secretly craves all the attention?


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lobus lobus

I remember walking down the main path at uncw and felt the stares...everyone stares everybody. That's college and a bunch of curious and 20 something horny kids for you teen mom and if I saw him there I wouldn't recognize him. He looks like a typical surfer dude or young marine. Its all in his head.

nonmember avatar Gina

Considering he has people from the stir looking at his Twitter, I'd say he would be followed by you guys regardless of what he says. Perhaps he is justified in his paranoia if you guys are still writing about him.

Amy Adams

LOl Jenelle does not have a number one squeeze. more like number one sleeze of a few month until they end up beating her because they can't take her crap anymore. We all know jenelle likes to play victim but she hits and gets hit back. This guy she is dating now will be the same


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