Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Like His 'Sack of Destiny' (Thank God!)

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alexander skarsgardThose cheeky, cheeky Swedes! And their crazy, clothes-hating ways. I don't know why Swedish people are so anti-garment -- or at least so incredibly comfortable without traditional garb -- or even if Sweden does, in fact, resemble some sort of IKEA-furnished nudist colony. All I know is, Alexander Skarsgard prefers to go naked and THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. 

And good enough for you, too, I bet *wink wink*? Because if ASkars wasn't so hell bent on going bare, we might have missed out on the wonderful part of that terrible/wonderful Eric Northman scene from the True Blood finale.

Yeah, you know the one -- cause you replayed it 8 gazillion times in slow-mo, oh yeah you did! We're talking about the scene when Eric burst into flames (which does NOT mean he's dead!!) and stood up in the process WITH NO PANTS ON and you know what that means! Full. Frontal. Skarsgard.

But according to Stephen Moyer, that scene wasn't supposed to be quite so revealing:

"It was never intended that way ... It was never written to have him full frontal. Alex doesn't like wearing his 'sock' or the 'sack of destiny' as we call it ... It's the sack of destiny that covers everything. He doesn't like wearing those so he had one in his room that day [but] he was the one who chose not to wear it."

First of all, omg, they call it a "sack of destiny." And second of all, see why I'm thanking our lucky stars ASkars is Swedish?? He "chose not to wear" the sack!! 

Are you happy Alexander Skarsgard chose not to wear his sack of destiny?


Image via HBO

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Sondra Best

I have heard that the cast refers to the contents of his "sack of destiny" as his IKEA.

nonmember avatar TVNAS

The Viking Nudist Appreciation Society approves this post. Now who do we see about the 52 seconds of Viking time in the finale and the fact that Buckner & Co. tried to flambé his pretty butt? Please pay no attention to the pitchfork behind my back.

hexxuss hexxuss

No thanks - I really have no desire to see any nekkid people on my TV.

yaqui yaqui

He is comfortable being fully naked what is the problem. It is what he said americans do not let their children see any body parts but they will let them watch people's heads being bashed in, violent video games.

nonmember avatar Morgaine Swann

Naked Viking is always a good idea. While other characters on True Blood should keep their clothes on (I mean you, Jason Stsckhouse) Eric Northman should be naked most of the time. He should also be getting a lot more screen time. The TB Writer's I have turned the best romantic lead since Mr. Darcy into a side story. If Eric is dead, bye-bye, HBO.'

nonmember avatar CCWinther

Sigh...! That is one beanstick i wouldnt mind climbing...

Errin Weller

Honestly I don't care if he is naked , he isn't my fav actor ..... now give me Alcide mmmmmmmm that man is hot !

Peggy Griffith

Most Europeans are comfortable with nudity. When I lived in Italy, it was nothing to go to the beach and to see people topless or totally nude. He is right in regards to his remark about Americans will let their children see people getting heads bashed in and other violent behavior (look at the nightly news) and think nothing about it but let someone embrace their nudity and all hell breaks loose; but hey, that's just my opinion.

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