'Bachelor' Villain Tierra LiCausi Calls Off Her Engagement & We're SO Not Surprised

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Tierra LicausiBachelor fans, you're gonna loooovee this. Remember when bad girl Tierra LiCausi just happened to get engaged abruptly after the episode aired when Sean Lowe sent her home? You know, to that guy whose identity remained a total secret, no one ever saw a photo, but was happily head over heels in love with her? Well, apparently Tierra's engaged no more. Yup, two separate sources have confirmed to Wetpaint that the former Bachelor contestant and her fiance actually split up a few months ago! Say whaaaaa?! Where have we all been?!

OK, so just because Tierra is exceptionally difficult, that doesn't mean I don't feel bad for the lady. A broken heart is never easy to handle and I can only imagine how much it must suck to have to "unplan" a wedding (real or not).

However, something's telling me this has been one big hoax all along, and I think reality TV is to blame.

I mean, yes, we all saw how Tierra acted on The Bachelor. The woman and her "sparkle" weren't exactly level-headed all the time. But even though she was a little wacky, I think it's the pressure of it all that made her get "engaged" in the first place.

Try to think of it all from Tierra's perspective, will ya? The lady is totally getting ripped apart by the media and so many of The Bachelor fans. She knows the ultimate blow is coming, she's going to get dumped on national TV, so she gets "engaged" to soften it. Now that is a diabolical plan if I've ever heard one.

Sigh. I guess maybe with time, we'll find out the real deal about this engagement. But regardless, Tierra seems to be up to her normal shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter, so here's hoping she's doing alright and mending that "broken heart."

Do you think Tierra's former fiance really exists?


Image via tierra_licausi/Instagram



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Nikole Speck

You know what makes me roll my eyes? This stupid blog.

Gretchen Lund

Sometimes I never knew what to believe. I knew a lot of it was fake. I don't think that you just a finance to begin with and i think it was make to sean jealous and he send her home and made a mistake so she said that I could get any guy that would marry me. It is funny to me and it isn't a shocker one bit


Valerie Lowell

I didn't believe she was engaged,she is a fake.

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