Melissa Gorga’s New Relationship Book Makes Her Marriage Sound Barbaric (PHOTOS)

gorga bookFans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey know what a tight marriage Joe and Melissa Gorga have. If it wasn't rock solid, his sister Teresa Giudice would have successfully broken them up seasons ago. Well, Melissa has finally revealed all the secrets to their happy union in her new book Love Italian Style and boy does it have tongues wagging. It might be the most sexist, misogynistic, barbaric book on love and relationships ever written. Seriously. Not kidding. If this is what it takes to make a marriage work, then I bet most women would would prefer to stay single. Take a look at the most outrageous bits of advice from Melissa and Joe.


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romab... romab1126

I poop when i poop. No hiding it here!

nonmember avatar Sara Lee

I actually found some of the things she said to be valid. Obviously some of it was a little outrageous. I didn't like the man's comments, because they sounded kind of rapey but some of the other stuff I found to be good points. Marriage is partially about keeping your spouse happy. And sometimes that is going to mean going out of your way to do so.

nonmember avatar mel

She's gunna eat her words . Laughed my ass off on the pooping thing. I can't imagine being that uncomfortable and stressed about pooping. Her marriage is so based off superficial things that when she's old she won't be able to do. What happens when you poop in a bag eh?

youth... youthfulsoul

Wonder if she knows there's more to a relationship besides sex. 

Kate Cooley

Stay classy, New Jersey.


nonmember avatar Chelsey

I'm sorry, but I don't see most of these as outrageous. Obviously Joe's comment was a bit out there (although he's never been good with words in the first place... hopefully that's not what he meant). But I personally agree with her advice. Those are all things that I practice in my marriage and strongly believe in.

A marriage is about all things- not just pro-creating or being roommates with a shared bank account. Since when did marriage mean losing the passion? And I strongly believe in the old gender roles from the 60's... there's just some things that men are made to do better and some things that women are made to do better.

Those are just my two cents, though. Obviously not everyone agrees.

Rando... Randomlady

Was this written in 1950 or in the 2000's? It's hard to tell.

pippi311 pippi311

So basically sex is the solution to everything?

nonmember avatar Taxsavvyjessica

This is the same advice Dr Laura gives in her book "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" It's a good read with lots of practical advice. It works!

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