Amanda Bynes' DUI Trial Twist Reveals She's Still Far From Well

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Amanda BynesIt's been three months since Amanda Bynes was involuntarily admitted into a psychiatric facility in Los Angeles, and we haven't heard much from her since. No strange tweets. No arrests. No odd behavior culminating with her using her dog to hide her face. So what is Amanda up to? Hopefully, getting psychiatric help. And apparently she still needs it because TMZ reports that Amanda was supposed to be in court today to answer one of her DUI charges, but her lawyer told the judge she could not show up because Amanda did not have the "mental capacity" to understand the charges against her.

Woah. Of course, we all knew Amanda was in trouble. You don't spend three months in a psychiatric facility unless you are. But has she not been improving?

DUI charges don't seem that complex. Can she really not understand them?

So the judge reportedly transferred the matter to a mental health court, and there will be a hearing to determine her mental competency.

If she's been in a psych unit for three months and still wouldn't understand drunk driving charges, that's pretty serious. But since her parents have already retained conservatorship and doctors paved the way for Amanda to stay in the facility for up to a year, I guess things are really complicated.

Especially considering that she hasn't even gone home with her family yet -- however, maybe everyone thinks the hospital is the best place for her, as it will keep her away from the prying eyes of reporters and paparazzi and even fans.

I just hope that she's okay and that when she is released, she is able to stay away from Twitter and marijuana and plastic surgeons and bad influences, and keep healthy.

What do you think this means?


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nonmember avatar Kierstin have completely missed the point of your own article. Amanda Bynes is apparently very mentally ill. Do you have any personal experience with a loved one who is schizophrenic? Or who battles mental illness. Staying away from "Twitter and marijuana and plastic surgeons and bad influences..." will not keep a mentally ill person healthy. It's insulting to suggest that mental illness is the result of any of those, and you are increasing the stigma that mental illness is something one can avoid! Shame on you! Common sense should tell you that a person can not simply heal from their illness just by trying hard enough, no more than a person with stage four lunc cancer could.

Teri_25 Teri_25

Kierstin, I think YOU missed the point. She was saying these are all things that can be bad for a normal person to be around, let alone someone mentally ill. I don't think she was implying that these things were the cause of her mental illness at all.

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