Robert Pattinson Spotted With 'Mystery Brunette' Who's His 'Perfect Match'

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Robert PattinsonWell, it looks like it's time to throw a little more fuel on the rumor mill fire in Hollywood. Robert Pattinson was spotted with a mystery brunette on his arm while attending a birthday party last weekend. There's speculation going around that she just might be his Kristen Stewart replacement.

According to an eyewitness, the two of them "held hands and snuck kisses" (gasp!) and "at one point, he was talking to someone and she wandered over and grabbed his and pulled him over to near the pool. Their hands were all over each other!"

(Scandalous, I tell you!)

Of course, there aren't any solid details as to who, exactly, this girl is, but she's described by one source as having "a girl next door vibe" and as Rob's "perfect match." (Meaning someone who smiles once in a while who also won't cheat on him with married dudes?)

As much as I'd love to see Rob happily settled down and head-over-heels in love with someone new, something tells me we shouldn't go getting all excited about this chick just yet. Let me ask you this -- how many "mystery" gals have been spotted out and about with Rob since he and KStew broke up? OMG, like at least four or five. Or maybe six.

He's a relatively newly single hot-blooded 27-year-old hunk of a man, for crying out loud -- so we probably shouldn't expect him to sit at home and wallow in a state of celibate misery. Duh. He's gonna date girls from time to time, and taking one to a party doesn't necessarily mean she's his new girlfriend.

But then again, if he was willing to let it be known that he was at this particular party with this girl -- maybe he is finally ready to move past the friends with benefits stage into more casual dating territory, which is probably a good thing. How in the heck is he ever going to find real love again if he's not willing to get back out there and test the waters?

Speaking of water, however, there are plenty of fish in the sea (as cliche as that sounds), so it's doubtful that Rob will commit to one fish woman at any point in the near future. He's been there. He's done that. And it didn't quite pan out in his favor, so it's probably best for him to keep his options open for at least a few more months or so.

Do you think Rob is ready for another girlfriend?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar suzanne

It has already been confirmed that she is one of his personal trainers for his movie Mission Blacklist that he is in training for...Please stop making more out of this than what it is..Give Rob some privacy...Even if he was dating her, which he isn' is his business...The media needs to back off and if he chooses to start dating someone is not something he will announce or make public for a very long time thanks mostly to the paps who hound him constantly..Give the guy some time and space to heal from Kristen before you have him married off with the 1st female you see him with.... Also, do some fact checking before feeding the rumor mill...

Shirley Sorrow

Why do you have to put Kristen down in everything you write about Rob????  I quit believing anything you or any of your colleagues write along time ago.  If Rob wants to date...fine.  If he doesn't want to date....fine.  It is none of YOUR business.  Rob may still be in love with Kristen and it takes a long time (if ever) to get over a lost love.  Same for Kristen.  Ms. Mary Fischer, will you please find someone else to write about or better yet STOP writing! 

Vivian L. Morrison

If he is dating this girl, it may not be serious...she could be a rebound girl for him... it takes awhile to get over someone you spent 4 years with and it was stated a few days to a week ago that he is still in love with KS and he can't get really involved seriously with anyone till he is 100% percent over her & he hasn't said no to a reconciliation with KS


Vivian L. Morrison

And let me just add...whether he is dating or not, as it was stated in another post, not our business and I do hope they both find happiness whether with each other or with someone else and I believe the paps are part of the reason they are not together and if they are, they are doing a great job keeping it under wraps!!  I wouldn't put it past them to be doing that but whether they are or aren't together, that is their business... if they aren't, then fans have to accept that they are NOT Bella/Edward.. this is r/l, not a movie

Linda Kimpton Murrell

it's got nothing to do with you me or anyone else leave him alone to sort and get on with his life everyone needs private time even celebs. he'll let it know soon enough if he wants everyone to know. and well said vivian they are not bella /edward that was a movie get over it support him in his next films.

tatch... tatchickKC

I wanna be his new girlfriend!

Jennie Ballew

i'm not reading your site again,sick of Kstew put downs,he's no angel,he just didn't get caught,he's such a cry baby anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

nonmember avatar jeni

ok we saw not pictures so we do not know if any of this is true. However if it is, I would think as he is just as human as anyone, it could be a date or more, but either way it is only HIS business. Those who are angry about Kristen being spoken about negatively here, I would say that if what is said of her is a lie, then you are right. As it is the fact that she cheated as it was confirmed by her? As we know she did so while dating Rob again thanks to her?....Then all writers can point those facts out as much as they want. She opened that door to them herself. As for Rob still in love with Stewart. it is merely my opinion, but when all this FIRST happened someone asked H IM direcetly in the NY Cosmoplis interview would ikt be the end of the world if they broke up and he sai d So I suspected at that time, it was a matter of getting through twilight for the sake of FANS as far as he was concern. Now that it is over, I think he is read life back from Stewart's mess and those fans who just will not allow reality to be a part of their lives. The only reason I comment anymore to these sites is in hopes of influencing at least one person to THINK beyond wanting to treat these people like your puppets and allow them what you would want ( hope) for yourself or someone who is a personal friend/sibling. This is real life. Stop treating them like an ongoing movie. TWILIGHT IS DONE!

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