Khloe Kardashian Shouldn't Let Her TV Show Dictate Her Decision About Lamar

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khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian seems like a smart woman, so I'm having a little trouble believing this latest piece of gossip. But as a purveyor of all things Kardashian, I feel it's my civic duty to share. According to reports, Khloe is putting off all marriage decisions until after the latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is done shooting. That's cray, right? And kind of unbelievable. Khloe wouldn't do that ... would she?

If this is true, her reasoning behind the decision makes sense -- she doesn't want the drama with Lamar to play out on TV. I get that. Totally. But waiting until an entire season is done filming would be no bueno. The longer she waits to decide what's right for her, the easier it will be to forget about all the crap Lamar has put her through.

I'm sure it's going to be hard for Khloe to be on camera with everything that's going on -- I mean, we all know her biz; that has to make things a bit uncomfy for her. But for her to act like everything is fine with her and Lamar would be ridiculous. Because we all know her biz!

I say Khloe just makes a few cameos in the upcoming season of KUWTK and have that be that. I can't imagine that would be a problem, as we barely saw Kim this last season. There were, like, what, two scenes of her lying on a bed, and one of her getting a pedicure in Greece? Khloe should just do that. While simultaneously deciding what to do about her marriage -- off-camera.

Do you think Khloe's really delaying making any marriage decisions until she's done filming?


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Nancy Nelson

I agree, I really hope she just comes clean and bring it out in the open and just acknowledge the fact that her marriage is in trouble and then concentrate on that more then the latest season, be really and work on it. I feel her mother should encourage her to but her best foot forward and seriously work on resolving her and Lamar's marriage. Please Khloe if you want this to work, forget the ratings work on it.

Lee Refuela Navarro

Khloe if u really want to save the marraige then action now, this is the time that only ur self can help it.

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