‘RHOM’ Wedding Madness Reveals How Ridiculous & Desperate These Women Can Get (VIDEO)

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Having been on any reality TV show, let alone the Real Housewives specifically, I'm always looking at these shows with double vision. I'm seeing the action just as all the viewers do and also looking behind the scenes at how everything is put together, which always fascinates me.

This week we go deep into wedding planning with Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura, lots of gorgeous Birkin bags, kittens, and puppies. And did you HEAR the gossip? Someone revealed a Housewives contract! Are they for real?

I had to laugh when Lisa Hochstein cried over a Birkin bag. I don't know anyone ever in my life who has done that. And I know a lot of characters.

As the bridal party casting heats up, I go into reality TV weddings versus real weddings ... should you have to choose cast members as bridesmaids, and if you do, are you allowed to give them ultimatums? Perhaps Joanna is secretly the Gawker Bridezilla

Alexia Echevarria and her son are breaking my heart -- what do you do when your son’s father is an ex-convict?? In this week’s video we learn what to do and what NOT to do when you and your child have problems surrounding your divorce.

Finally ... did you see that story where the reporter supposedly got a hold of a New Jersey Housewives contract?  I saw it, I read it, and I give you MY take on it.

Who is the most annoying bride -- Adriana or Joanna?

Also, tell me in the comments or on Twitter what you want know about I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding as tomorrow I’ll have a brand new episode covering the first two shows!


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Debbie Duck Snider

Love all the updates. I am a dedicated Housewives watcher. I thin the ultimatum of Bridesmaids is wrong. You can be friends with anyone. I would have said me out, you don't tell me to choose

Disgr... Disgrazia4

Good vlog Alex. I have a question. Do you think a person can keep their sanity being misrepresented and NEVER having any "off time" from that representation? Even soap actors may discuss their characters as separate from themselves. If reality is no longer a requisite than won't folks turn to quality dramas created by people gifted with talent? Can "reality soap dramas" really be conducive to healthy mental stability? Won't  a person either become that which they are misrepresented to be or suffer madness or even worse (RIP Armstrong)? This contract, if accurate, is appalling. Bravo bars residual pay for the numerous repeats and worldwide views?!  So Bravo produces these shows for little more than an infomercial, misrepresents cast members at will and with impunity?  Do they offer mental healthcare?  These HW's need union representation!!  Bravo comes off like some (not so) futuristic odious corporate DarkLord  or worse.  Is BravoAndy playing the part of Ceasar Flickerman? My goodness, how did you stand it?  It all seems so dreadful when you think about. The lucre is not worth it. I am sad now when I think of poor Teresa.  Perhaps Andy will have a game of hangman for her to play or he can nail her up on the shotski...  :(

Philip Deslut

im on Team Joanna as i have Hated Adrianna since season 1

as For Alexis i feel for her BUT she needs to get that son into REAL therapy and not with his Grand Mom

Philip Deslut

Alex am i crazy or is that JILL ZARIN at Nene's Wedding ,i was like WTF when i saw that

Philip Deslut

also Alexia doesnt do her son any favors by yelling at the taxi driver and LYING to the police,she seems to make bad choices all the time


Alex McCord

Philip, you are SO right about Alexia and the taxi driver. I was going to include that but it would get too long. She's covering too much for her son. And Disgrazia....YES. Just...yes.

Cynthia Beaumont

I did not hear about the contract leak! WOW that's really a tough contract, tying there hands and I would think kill the show. What will they do if there not promoting something? I never watch the NJ ones but there was a Marathon on so we were watching and all they do is promote there food , now cannoli  I mean the show has never really been about being a housewife most are not married! They just push them to do something out of the home . 

Adriana's wedding location is the best

Joanna is the Bridezilla by making poor Lisa chose 

I think Lisa will get both the bag and to be dual bride-maids

I wish they would have let Joanna talk more about her animal rescue apparently her friends don't even know about it cause at her dinner the one girl says she just bought a puppy ! I was shocked.I think Joanna was to! 

Jackie Primavera

Alexia is running at 100 MPH She needs to get her son into  IN-TREATMENTIf she is going to save him.I feel for her.She must come to terms with this young man.He is a very sick out of control kid.


Mae Detamore


nonmember avatar mayra

omg... I would love to know if Lisa came from money before she married the plastic surgeon and his money. Does she know how many hard working real housewives can feed their kids with a Birkin? Does anyone else think that Adriana who was practically homeless a few years ago now requires guest to change at her wedding? can you imagine having to search for a Gatsby outfit! I also think that Alexia was wrong in pampering that spoiled brat....funny how he says the cabby is a loser.. all these characters forgot where they came from...lol

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