'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Sells Out for Her Family's Sake

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Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinSo, it happened. Kailyn Lowry is now married. OK, re-married ... or whatever you call it when you throw a big shindig a year after your courthouse ceremony. The Teen Mom 2 star and Javi Marroquin had their under the sea wedding over the weekend, and she stands to make a mint on it.

In Touch and Life & Style are both running spreads on the Lowry and Marroquin nuptials this week. That's right, Kail sold out to the tabloids! Can you blame her?

It seems some of her fans are not too happy -- or should I say critics? Kail got blasted on Twitter for cashing in when she often makes a big deal about protecting her privacy. She makes a good point ... but let's just think about this for a second.

When you're a celebrity, how do you keep the paparazzi from ruining your wedding? Especially after you've leaked the date to the entire Internet, practically inviting them to show? You lay down some ground rules with the photographers ... by granting them access.

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We don't know how much Kailyn and Javi might have made off of the deal here, but if they did make something, I'm still saying good for them. This is for the good of their family.

The Teen Mom gravy train isn't going to last forever -- season 5 seems like a go, but even that was so uncertain that a sixth season is highly unlikely. The more money they can sock away now, the better off they'll be in the long run ... especially with baby number two on the way.

Do you think Kailyn was smart to cash in or was this hypocritical?


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adamat34 adamat34

Nope smart. She is highly intelligent and more than likely WILL use it for family. Id couldn't say that about that goofball Janelle. Good for these too. Planning isnt capitalizing. Nothing torrid about these photos.

nonmember avatar Christie

I agree with you. It was a very smart decision on her part (no surprise there, she's pretty awesome if you ask me) to allow some press there but not all and to make a little cash off of it while she's at it. On top of that she knows that a lot of her "fans" if you can call us that are curious and would love to see how it played out. I bet they air it on Season 5, at least I hope so. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!

D.j. Lord

lol...yea she was trying to make a buck and cash in just like the rest of em...if they say its not bout the money..its bout the money.....good of the family...thanks for the laugh


Her face in this pic scares me lol

Ginger Sadler

Better than making a porn to make money...just sayin

Jenni... Jennifer63080

At least she isn't making sex tapes!

Mommy... Mommynwife26

Uhhhh Leah let magazines in BOTH her weddings...obviously with a seasom 5 coming then they will want the pics and it be fighting them to stay out or get paud to have them in...with how expensive weddings and babies are id take adpvantage of it too lol

zmont... zmontague

If you read Kailyn's twitter then you would know that she did not sell her pictures.  Do your research before writing an article!  

Aleja... Alejandra10

well honestly one way or another the camaras were going to go in if she let them or they would find a way to do it even buying a family or friend so might as well for her to cash the money then someone else 


Karla Young

yea get that money girl...its your life..

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