Chelsea Houska Disses Adam Lind & Taylor Halbur in Mysterious Tweet

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chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska tweeted something interesting recently. Something ... oh hell I'm just going to say it, passive-aggressive as all get out. Our girl did what some would deem "the vague tweet." You know what I'm talking about. The tweet that says nothing and so much all at once. The tweet that doesn't name names, but you're puh-retty sure you know who she's talking about. Last week, right after Chelsea's ex, Adam Lind, got back together with his current baby mama, Taylor Halbur, Chelsea tweeted: "There are some CRAZY a** people in this world. Hooooly Sh*t."

Sure, this could have been about anyone and anything, but it's slightly suspicious that Chelsea tweeted it right after Taylor revealed that she and Adam were fine and dandy after he reportedly ditched her to hang out with friends and was caught texting other girls. Coincidence? I think not.

If anyone has a right to "hoooooly sh*t" Adam Lind, it's Chelsea, because, well, she's been there, done that. But here's the thing, Chelsea shouldn't concern herself with Taylor and Adam because, quite frankly, she's got better things to do. She's got her adorable daughter, her beauty career, her friends, etc. It's understandable that it'd be easy for Chels to get caught up in the drama of her ex, but girlllll, it ain't worth it. You, thankfully, no longer have to worry about Adam.

Then again, there's always the possibility that Chelsea was merely tweeting about some wacko who cut her off while she was driving. But it's kind of fun to think she was talking about Adam and Taylor instead, don't you think?

Do you think Chelsea was talking about Adam and Taylor getting back together?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Melissa

**second baby momma, NOT "current"...Aubrey is still his baby, therefore Chelsea will forever be his first baby momma

nonmember avatar Mini_20xo

It won't be long till he treats Taylor and their daughter like Chelsea and Aubree

Bridget Abram

She has a right to say what she feels. And that tweet wasn't specified towards anyone but hey like they say if the shoe fits wear it.

Vikky Oliver

adam will do the same to new gf as he did to Chelsea

Faith Diane Farrer

I think she is in her right. I remember her episode on 16 and pregnant, after she had aubri adam sent her a text calling her a fat stretch mark bitch and that he couldn't wait to go to court and sign off that "mistake" meaning aubri. Adam is a prime example of a huge cowardly ass hole. I feel so bad for Taylor and her unborn daughter. It' should be illegal for men like him to procreate.

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