'DWTS' Recap: Surprising Elimination Reveals the 1 Thing It Takes to Win

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Wow. After how amazing the performances were on the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars season 17 last week, I half expected everything to kind of go right into the gutter on tonight's episode. It really seemed like maybe a lot of the contestants had beginner's luck, but after what went down in the ballroom this evening, it's obvious that this cast is going to keep getting better and better as the weeks go on.

And once again, it's clear that while they're very important, the judges' scores aren't the only thing that matters as far as who sticks around and who winds up going home. (Although this new voting system still has me all sorts of confused. This week counts for this week and also next week -- so what the heck counts for the week after? I don't get it.)

Duh, as much as I hate to admit it, the show is basically one big popularity contest.

I mean, how else would Bill Nye "The Science Guy" have made it through after being at the very bottom of the leader board on night one? He's adorable but an awesome dancer he ain't. (Sorry, but it's true.) But considering how much "action" he got on Facebook after his ballroom debut, it's clear that having a loyal fan base is all contestants really need to go far in the competition -- and possibly take home the mirror ball trophy.

And that's why we really shouldn't be all that shocked that Keyshawn Johnson won't be coming back next week. He's a cool dude, but let's be honest -- not many football fans get a kick out of watching ballroom dancing on a Monday night.

As for the best performances of this week? Hands down, Jack Osbourne, Brandt Daugherty, Corbin Bleu, and Elizabeth Berkley had a leg up on the competition -- though Leah Remini kind of came out of her shell and emerged as someone to keep an eye on for sure.

(And my girl Snooki needs to step it up a notch next week. I know she has more fire in her than what she put into tonight's dance.)

Who was your favorite dancer tonight?


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tiafez tiafez

How is it that Amber is scoring higher than the others? how is it that Derek's sister is a guest judge? how is it that this season won't show us exactly why this show is ending it's popularity? 

on a better note, The Voice is on at the same time and it looks to be a good season. Watch 'The Voice' and catch only the parts of DWTS that you want on video the next day! You won't miss much, Amber will score higher than anyone else and Derek will try to look surprised at the blatent favortism in the voting by the judges. Same old DWTS.

nonmember avatar Karen

So not fair that 2 of the stars are musical stars who have had professional choreographers/dancers work with them for years. I will not be voting for either of them. How can Snookie and the Bills and Valerie even begin to compete. So not fair.

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