Chris Harrison & This Former 'Bachelor' Star Should NOT Be Dating

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Chris HarrisonLate last week, rumors started flying around that Chris Harrison is dating Bachelor reject Selma Alameri, prompting many of us to scratch our heads and wonder how in the heck these two managed to get together.

Oh come on, remember Selma? The chick from Sean Lowe's season who was too embarrassed to kiss him on TV but then wound up planting a fat one on him right before he sent her packing? (Ohhh, that Selma.)

Yeah, well supposedly she and Chris were seen looking all lovey-dovey at a bar in L.A. last Thursday, and one source says he was introducing her as his girlfriend.

But it sounds like there isn't any truth to the claims, because Selma is denying that she and Chris are an item. She told E! News, "We happened to be at the same place but we were not together. He's a good friend and a sexy guy, sure, but we are not dating."

Whew! That's a relief. No disrespect to Selma, but she doesn't exactly seem like Chris' type. He's a great guy and all, but something tells me as a newly divorced man, he's not exactly in the mood to take things slow and steady in the physical department, if you know what I mean. (Dude totally wants to get it on by the second date.)

But it probably is about time for Chris to get back out there and play the field a bit, which is why he shouldn't avoid the reality TV scene altogether. OMG. Why hasn't ABC made him The Bachelor yet?!? He's only, like, the perfect candidate -- and he could even save whoever the host of his season is some work by handling all aspects of the rose ceremony himself. "Ladies, this is my final rose tonight. If you did not receive one, get the hell out of here because I think you're ugly, dumb, psychotic, insert derogatory adjective here."

Or if he's really dead set against being The Bachelor, former contestants of the show aren't a stupid place to look for love -- he just needs to go after someone he has a bit more in common with than Selma. What about AshLee Frazier? I hear she's available -- and she's definitely ready for something serious. Or how about all those rumors saying Chris was into Emily Maynard during her season? (Can you blame him?) They'd be pretty cute together.

Sigh. Don't worry Chris, the perfect girl is out there. But while you're looking for her, you should probably cross anyone off the list who isn't willing to go to the fantasy suite before tying the knot.

Do you think Chris and Selma are right for each other?


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nonmember avatar J

What a disgusting article. Yeah, cross anyone with any sort of morals off there Chris because this author has you pegged as a slutty pig, horn dog that couldn't possibly want anything mature, respectful or longterm. Uggg

Puri Shea

By reading the article, I think they are not meant to each other or Selma not her type.. But Chris is a good guy, am sure he will find a better girl in his dream.

nonmember avatar Deanna

Whos life is it to say who he dates? HIS..He obviously doesnt look at it in the respect aspect..
who cares hes divorced...

Jan Lassandro

I CAN'T SEE THEM TOGETHER NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!! not a good match at all!


Sara Bogle

Oh stop picking on Chris. He's newly divorced and is looking for some enjoyment in life. But I agree, he should be the next Bachelor. He is the perfect man!!!

Faith Bremmer

anything can happen lol

Roberta Howard

No Not Chris and Selma.. and Emily Maynard NEVER.


Joanne Hintz

not who I expected to hear, I thought it was going to be Emily- you could tell totally by the way he looked at Emily that he was attracted to her!!! 

Theresa Lajoie Hatch

Hey being the host is Chris job. What he does in his personal life is nobody's business. What's wrong with him dating Zelma anyway. Get a life you people!

Katelyn Endersen

Alight people, its just a blog and if you don't like it and all you want to do is bash on it.... then dont read it.

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