Robert Pattinson's Hoarding Problem Is an Unfortunate Shame

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Robert PattinsonHuh. Well that's kind of odd. Apparently Robert Pattinson has 1,000 suits hanging in a storage unit -- and admits that he's got some sort of a hoarding problem when it comes to business attire.

He says that once in a while, he'll give them to one of his friends, but most of the time, he keeps them because he "finds it really difficult to give things away." (There's a great opportunity for a KStew joke here, but I think I'll just leave it alone.)

Supposedly he can't stand donning a suit more than once, which is why he has so many -- but don't you wish he would get over it and change his mind?!?

I mean, he has all those beautiful, sleek jackets and ties wasting all that space in his storage unit. Why the hell doesn't he put them to good use instead of treating them like used goods? (Again -- insert KStew joke here.)

You can't argue with the fact that Rob's an incredibly good looking guy, but his choice of wardrobe most days of the week doesn't exactly do him justice. There's really no polite way of saying it -- he dresses like a homeless person.

Take a long, hard look at how handsome he looks in the photo above (all sorts of Christian Grey-like), and then compare it to his "regular" attire. Tell me which dude you'd rather jump all over.

Robert Pattinson

Duh. The guy in the suit. (And if not well, to each his own, I guess.)

Ok, so I know getting all dressed up every day isn't exactly normal for anyone, but considering how nicely he cleans up, it would be a total plus if Rob at least wore each one of his suits twice before adding them to his stash. It's really just such a shame to let them collect all that dust when they could be giving us all a much needed dose of eye candy like we deserve.

Do you think Rob should wear suits more often?


Images via Pacific Coast News

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Victoria Newman

Rob should wear whatever he wants)))

nonmember avatar SMR

You are a woman. Shame on you for the hurtful, tasteless, misogynistic "jokes" about Kristen. Trading nastiness for hits and money - now that's something worth "joking" about.

Johney Brown

I like him in jeans, regular attire. He's more ruggedly handsome. A suit takes away from his natural beauty.

hexxuss hexxuss

I think if he doesn't wear them, he should donate them to the programs that help provide business clothing to people trying to get off welfare & back into the work force, or auction them off & donate the money, whatever.

Vero Espinosa

queda hermoso con cualquier cosa,si es un chico sin hogar,seguro lo llevo a mi casa

Paula Lovell

If he doesn't want to wear the same suit twice, he should get photographed whenever he wears the suits, then donate the suit with an autographed photo to be auctioned for charity. Win-Win!

Martha J. Yurick

I think he should do whatever he wants. He looks good in anything he puts on.

Linda Wacker

I would jump rob's bones no matter how he is dressed or not dressed!!! 


Patty Kohenskey

He can wear whatever he like it oh ok with me

nonmember avatar John

I think what Bob should do is to wear the suit n take a photograph then find a place in his heart n dash it out.

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